Getting Settled In

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Skylar's POV

As I walk back into the office, the office I never thought I would hate to walk into. 

I look at the Chief who is looking back at me with sadness and sympathy, I sit down in front of his desk and put my suitcase beside me. I turn my head to the other chair and see Shawn McRear, who I have always disliked, and now... maybe more than ever.

"Alright." He stands up. "Let's go."

The Chief and I get up and hug.

"Goodbye." We smile to each other. 

McRear and I walk out of the office, I see everyone else stop their conversations and look back at us, I sigh as I look down and continue walking beside McRear.

"Don't look down." He says. "Take pride in this, you're going to war and going to save this country."

I look at Laura, who is crying in Cara's arm. I sigh and speak up.

"It's sad to think that I'd rather not." I say. "I don't know if it's selfish or just... love."

"Both." He shrugs, as we finally enter the doors of his car.

My suitcase in the back, McRear driving, and me in the passenger's seat. I find a decently good spot and close my eyes, I fall asleep to the noise of my suitcase hitting the car's walls every single time McRear turns. 

(A couple of hours later)

I wake up to McRear nudging me.

"Come on, we're here." He says. I nod and get out of the car, grabbing my suitcase and going inside the base.

As we walk in, I feel all eyes on me, I lift up my chin and continue walking forwards with McRear.

"That's better." I can hear his smile. "It's good to have you back." He says, I just hum back.

As we slowly come closer to the room in which all the doctors stay, I see by picture on a wall, alongside... them. God, I miss them so much. Sometimes, I expect them to jump out of nowhere and prank me, or for Addison to hug me. But, I have moved on, I have Eric and Laura now...

"You are going to be staying at the same place as last time." Says McRear. "I hope you remember the rules, as I do not feel like reminding them to you."

"Yes, Sir." I salute.

"Good, get settled in." He says and walks away.

The room isn't that big, it's big enough for a bed, a dresser, and a desk. I won't be using them a lot, as I'll have to go to war soon, but It'll be good enough for me to leave some things here. 

I put all my clothes in the dresser, and a picture of Eric, Laura, David, Nathan, Cara, Conner, and I on top of the dresser, along with a picture of Laura and I kissing. I put pieces of paper and a pencil on my desk, as we are not aloud phones, only radios, and I can't exactly contact my family with a radio, so I have to do it the old fashioned way... letters. I sigh as sit back on my new bed and think about everything and anything.

That gets stopped quickly as I hear a knock on my door. 

"Come in." I sigh.

I hear the door creak open and I look to see a woman a little shorter than me, like around 5 foot 8? With short brown hair and hazel eyes, she seems new, as she doesn't have as much medals as me. 

"Hello." I say, as I sit up.

"Hey." She says. "The Captain would like to see everyone at the dining hall."

"Is there a certain reason?" I ask, as we get out of my room.

"He needs you to talk to everyone." He says, I raise my eyebrow at her. "We're all new, you're the only one with experience." I groan. "You okay?"

"No, not really." I sigh. "It means I'm going to have to lead you all."

"Okay." She laughs, as I smile back.

"What's your name?" I ask, trying to find her name tag, but I can't find it. 

"Alyssa." She says. "I put my name tag away, it seems better to ask people what their name is than looking at their name tag."

"Huh, I like that." I say, shaking her hand. "I'm Skylar."

We continue walking towards the dining hall, which only takes two minutes. Alyssa and I walk into the room and everyone else is sitting around a huge table, Alyssa and I join them, we sit together. That's when I notice something, we're the only girls, this is not going to go well...

The Captain walks in, Captain Rogers, and everyone goes quiet.

"Alright everyone!" He says. "You are all new, and I don't really like long speeches that makes everyone wanna run away or fall asleep, so, instead, I'm going to get my best doctor and your leader during the war to talk to you all." He explains. "Doctor Grey, please stand up."

I stand up and nod at everyone, there's about... 25 people? 

"Alright everyone, as the Captain just said you're all new, so you're all expecting this easy mission or something like a game." I say. "But no, it's very dangerous, so I would like for all of you to listen to me very carefully." I say, I hear giggling coming from my right. "Is there something funny?"

"No." Says one of the guys. "It's just it that we all think it's gonna be easy, either way."

"Okay..." I look at his nametag. "Brad. Just because of that." I say. "Tomorrow, I want all of you to wake up at 3am." I get cut off from groaning. "I'm going to tell you all how to defuse bombs, I want ALL of you to take this VERY seriously, now, back to the Captain." I sit back down and nod to the Captain.

"Thank you." He smiles at me with... pride? "As you all heard, Ms. Grey takes her job very seriously, so I want all of you to do so too, now, get some sleep, after all, you all are waking up early tomorrow."

We all get up and start walking to our rooms, Alyssa and I strike up a conversation again.

"Skylar..." She says. "I need to tell you something... you might not believe this bu-" 

She gets cut off by the Captain, who asks to pull me away for a second.

"I'll be back in a bit." I smile to her, she smiles back. I walk a couple of meters away from everyone with the Captain, he speaks up.

"I know you didn't want to come back after what happened." He says. "But, I'm glad you did, because after you do leave, I'm going to be glad that all the newbies are going to be taught by you. They might not BE YOU but they will be the closest thing to it."

"Thank you, Captain." I smile. 

"I also have to tell you something else." He says. "Your dad h-"

"What about my dad?" I ask. "Did he get in a car crash again?"

"No." He shakes his head. "He told me to tell you that he found a new wife, and has a family with two daughters, you have siblings, Skylar." 

"That's great." I roll my eyes. "It's sad he was too scared to tell me himself."

"I can't say anything about that." Says the Captain. "But, he gave me this note, to you." He hands me a folded piece of paper.

"Thank you." I sigh. "I'm gonna go now, I am waking up early tomorrow."

"Yeah." He smiles. "See you around."

"You too." I fake smile and walk back to my room, by myself.

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