Last One- Scenes 15 and 16

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*Scene 15*

starts in school corridors , Adele walks up to Ethan and Joe

1 month after Demi and Joe had an argument and broke up

Adele: hey

Ethan: hey babe, (kisses Adele) where's Demi

Adele: i dunno, she went home last night 

Joe: (mutters) oh

Ethan: did you say something Joe?

Joe: no

Ethan: there she is

Demi walks past them with someone 

Adele: hey Demi, you ok

Demi: yeah i'm great, how are you

Adele: I'm good, erm, who's that

Demi: oh, this is Beau

Adele: oh hi nice to meet you (waves awkwardly), and you're what to Demi

Beau: I'm her...

Demi: (cutting in) best friend from primary

Adele: oh ok, I'm gonna go back over there now, see you on the bus then

Demi: i think i have to walk home because mum didn't give me money for the ticket

Adele: ok i'll see you later then

Demi: ok bye 

Demi and Beau walk off and Adele goes back to Ethan

Joe: who was he

Adele: apparently her primary school mate but i think he's more than that

Ethan: now i think about it, i have seen Demi with him a lot lately, like in the cafe and at the movies

Adele: wait you don't think that she's, that they're (pauses)

Joe: are you saying that you think them two are going out

Adele: well maybe

Ethan: it has been a month since 'the incident' happened

Adele: oh you mean when Demi shaved her head and got angry at Joe for not loving her as much as he used to and not loving her as much as she loved him

Ethan: yeah but Joe didn't want to talk about it anymore

Joe: that's why we call it 'the incident'

Adele: oh that is sensible (laughs)


Adele, Ethan and Joe sit at the table separate from Demi and Beau 

Joe: seriously they're sitting together now, ugh

Adele: yeah they're together

Ethan: definitely 

 Adele: Joe you ok

Joe: yeah, yeah i'm fine

Ethan walks up to Demi and Beau

Adele: no Ethan you'll make it worse

Ethan: are you avoiding us

Demi: no but it's nice to spend time with other people sometimes

Ethan: oh cause you look like you keep ignoring us

Demi: no. I just don't want to hang out with one of you, seeing as he doesn't care and we're not together so what's the point

Ethan: you're leaving Adele and she had to put up with me and a depressed Joe

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