The Serpent's Pass

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Aya's POV

"Okay." I breathed out and focused. "It's just a simple firebending move."

It was currently in the middle of the night and the others were asleep. I decided to practice my firebending using the scroll I found and master this element.

I followed the movement of one of the styles and tried my best to copy each movement. I ended the move with a fierce kick and a blast of fire escaped my foot and fist.

I lowered my fist and silently cheered at this.

"I'm a natural!" I giggled. "This is easier than I thought!"

'That's because you're the Fire Angel. It comes easy to you.'

I recognized the voice inside my head as Sapphire, the previous Fire Angel. She has the ability to contact me telepathically ever since I accepted my destiny as the Fire Angel.

I smiled cheerfully and did a few more firebending moves for fun before finishing.

"Now I just need to tell Aang, Sokka, and Toph." I mumbled to myself.

'Don't be afraid, darling. Aang loves you and so does your brother.'

"I know they do, but I still have a fear." I told her with dsimay. "And what about Toph?"

'Toph has a suspicion that you are a bender, doesn't she?"

I remember Toph assuming I was a bender when Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai attacked us. Maybe she still thinks I am.

"Maybe she forgot." I shrugged, removing my hair from its high ponytail and letting it fall down to my hips.

'I have a feeling she didn't.'

"Goodnight, Sapphire." I smiled and I felt her connection disappear.


The following day, we were all relaxing by the waterfall that we set up camp at. Sokka was looking over a map on where to go next, Toph was resting, Aang and I were swimming in the water and Katara was somewhere else.

Bubbles was feeling much better ever since we left the desert. I was so worried about her but now she is having the time of her life in the water.

Beside me, Aang dunked his whole body underwater and froze his body from the neck down so he can float better. Bubbles chitters and hopped on the ice block Aang was in causing me to giggle.


I looked up and saw Katara at the top of the waterfall and she leaped off the edge.


She plummets into the water causing a giant wave to occur and sends, Aang, Bubbles and I out of the water while soaking my brother and Toph in the process. The maps Sokka had with him got soaked as well and he narrows his eyes at this.

"Sure, five thousand year-old maps from the spirit library. Just splash some water on 'em." Sokka sarcastically scolded her and I giggled, wringing the water out of my hair.

I ruffled it a bit before brushing it behind my shoulders.

I felt eyes on the back of my neck and I turned to see Aang staring at me. I blushed and he averted his eyes with red cheeks.

"Sorry." I heard Katara say as she bends the water out of the map. Bubbles approaches me and I pick her in my arms.

"So, did you figure out what route we're going to take?" Aang asked my brother as we huddled around the map.

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