Chapter 25

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Another day, same cage. Same fucking cage as the day before and the day before that. The same cage from the second I got trapped in this shithole, however long ago that was.
     It still hurt like hell, even if they weren't drilling. Everything hurt all at once. I was weak. They had made me weak.

And now I sat here, my head resting on the cold, metallic cage. No gilded cage here, only metal ones. Very visible, very annoying, very hope destroying. I tried to look around, but I was too weak. I hadn't slept for what felt like days, scared of what might happen if I fell asleep. What nightmares might invade my mind. THIS was my fucking nightmare.
     People had come and gone. Kids from the 100 had laid on the table of doom, and never woken up again, but not me. No, they were saving me for last, probably wanting me to suffer the most. How come it's always me who suffers the most? At least it is in my humble opinion.
     I had had many interesting conversations with Bond villain junior, usually all ending because whoever was on the table of doom decided to scream too loudly for us to continue our conversation. How rude. We talked about the ground, the people we loved, the measures of which we would go to in order to achieve our goals. In a lot of ways, we're the same. But one common thing that stood above the rest was that he was willing to sacrifice me to get his freedom, and I was definitely willing to sacrifice him to get my freedom.

I was minding my own business, all cooped up in the small space I had, when two guards interrupted me in the worst way possible. They opened the door to Frankenstein's lab, brining a girl with them. She was panting, crying. Pathetic. She would die anyway, no matter how much she begged for them to let her go. Every one of the kids who died in here begged and look where that got them. Her upper body was covered in blood, and for a second I began wondering whether Monty and Jasper were alright. But then I realized it didn't matter. What mattered was getting me out of here.
     "Put her on the table," one of the guards said. The girl frantically said no and began to struggle again the guard. Maybe she wasn't so pathetic after all. She at least attempted to make an escape. Except when she got to the door, another guard stood ready with a gun. Well, I already knew how it was going to end, so why revel in it.
     But then the guard held the gun against the two that had brought the girl in, and without hesitation, he shot them. What the hell was this? Why didn't this guard show up days ago? Who the hell was he? I couldn't help but look at the two dead guards. After everything they put me through, they met their demise without even suffering first. I swore to get revenge and now I would never get it. At least not over them.

Time seemed to be at a standstill. The guards were laying dead on the floor, blood oozing out of them. Just like that. I felt myself release a breath I didn't know I was holding. Maybe this was finally over. I involuntarily smirked, knowing I might actually make it out of here alive. I didn't even notice the guard, who shot the others, take his helmet off. I didn't notice anything except the guards, until I heard a name I had missed oh so dearly.
     "Bellamy!" The girl said, making me snap my head towards them. And there he stood. As majestic as ever. Tall, handsome. Mine. For the first time in a long time, I felt myself smile and knew it was genuine. He had come to save me.
     "Are you okay?" He asked the now crying girl while hugging her. I must admit, it slightly bugged me to see them hug.
     "I've been better," I said, tired of being stuck in a cage, only wanting to be he girl in Bellamy's embrace. Really desperate, I know, but I needed the comfort. I couldn't see the expression on his face because of the stupid girl that decided to hog my whatever Bellamy was to me. But that's when he turned around and I saw nothing but the worry slightly gliding off his expression.
     "Alice?" He said in a lower voice, still raspy and sexy as hell. He walked closer to me, as if I wasn't real. As if he was still uncertain whether it was me.
     "You gonna get me out of here anytime soon?" I asked him, trying to sound sarcastic, but failing miserably. Only happiness sounded from my voice.
     Bellamy smiled as he ran up to my cage, trying to rip the lock open, but no matter how strong Bellamy might be, a lock didn't exactly open just by jacking in it.
     "There is this thing called a key," I tried saying, but Bellamy was way ahead of me. He grabbed a shovel-looking thing before breaking the lock altogether. I jumped, not anticipating the course of action, but before I had time to calm down, Bellamy had his arms around me, pulling me out of the cage. Never had I felt more safe. Never had I felt more at home. That right there was my home. Bellamy was my home.
     I tried standing on my own, but my legs were too weak. Luckily, Bellamy was still embracing me, and me him.
     "Never do that to me again," Bellamy whispered, his forehead placed on mine. The warmth of his body was enough to make me forget the cage, his eyes locked in with mine enough to take away any pain I had.
     "I promise," I whispered back. I used my last strength to pull me up to meet his lips with mine. God, this felt good. It was a soft kiss, softer than any I had ever experienced before. It was as if he was afraid of breaking me.

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