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Jordan's point of view

"Hey Tom"I smile shyly as I walk into his house.

"Hey Jordan. Thank you for doing this"Tom smiles, his brown eyes shining with happiness.

"But you still have to explain what I have to do exactly because I don't really get it"I giggle a little bit. He has explained it already, but I didn't get it so he has to explain it again.

"Okay so, my dad's café isn't doing well and I thought we could maybe help and raise some money by playing music in the café"he explains.

"Right. So when do you wanna start?"I ask which takes him by surprise.

"Wait really?"he asks shocked. I nod. "Oh shit thank you"he yells cheerfully.

"So I thought that maybe we could make up a schedule and a playlist with which songs we're going to play"he continues.

"Right. Let's start"


I walk towards the door of the big house, standing in front of. I push on the doorbell and hear the ringing sound through the door before the door gets opened by the brown haired woman.

"Hey. Uh is Olivia home?"I ask quietly.

"Of course. Come in, Jordan"ally smiles. "So how are you?".

"Uh good. How are you?"I ask politely.

"Good good. Uh Olivia is upstairs"ally says and points to the stairway.

I nod and smile before going up the stairs. I knock on the door. I hear the faint of a lurker voice 'come in'. I open the door and walk inside, seeing Olivia on her bed.

"Hey"I smile and close the door behind.

"Hey"her face light up when she sees me. I sit down in front of her on her bed.

"I thought you wouldn't be able to come over anymore"I hear her say while I take off my shoes. I turn around and sit next to her.

"Yeah I know. But Tom didn't really have that much to say anymore and he forgot that he had a doctors appointment"I say and kiss her cheek.

"Hey, can I ask you something"Olivia asks after we sat down in silence for a while.

"Sure"I mumble while I scroll through Instagram.

"Don't you wanna come out together in school?"she asks suddenly. I look up surprised.

"Of course I wanna come out with you. Why would you ask?"I question her.

"When we were talking to Valerie about someone else knowing about our relationship. You tensed up and I just thought that you might be scared of coming out"she explains and fiddles with the stings of my hoodie.

"It's not that I don't wanna come out. Most people already know that I'm gay"I say a little hesitate of if I should tell her everything.


I sigh and rub my forehead. "Remember when I had a fight with someone?".

She nods and mention for me to continue.

"That boy had been bothering me- I mean bullying me for quite long, just because I like girls and i don't want that they are going to bother you"I explain.

"Aw. There is nothing to be worried about. I'm pretty sure I can handle them"Olivia smiles.

"Okay but promise me, you'll tell me when someone's bothering you".

"I promise"she smile and locks her pinky in mine. "Does this mean I can tell Alisa and the others?".

"Sure"I nod. I wrap my arm around her waist and kiss her temple. She smiles and leans in into my side.

"Do you wanna watch a movie?"she asks and takes her laptop ready.

"Of course"I grin. "What do you wanna watch?".

"Beauty and the beast"

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