Closed Captioning [AUGUST]

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Slightly awkward and homeschooled Remington 'Remmy' Myers has finally graduated high school with a party in his backyard and a DIY cap and gown. Being able to be homeschooled mostly in part to him being deaf wasn't all that bad, especially when he filled his time up by watching web series' that a guy from twitter subtitled. But when a new series comes out, Remmy takes an awkward step and emails Otis, the closed captioning guy, to subtitle the show. What neither of them expected was for them to coincidentally have a lot of things and people in common. Written through emails, postcards, annotated books and scraps of paper, CLOSED CAPTIONING explores the lives of Otis and Remmy, who fall in love through their words.


think call me by your name but texting.



- this book is a multimedia story. I have written others such as the completed YA thriller #AskAmy and the currently ongoing horror TwoTruths. Multimedia basically means that instead of written narrative, I write using media such as texts, emails, notes etc. 

- this was inspired by artists' books (which I recommend you look up, they're beautiful), and although I can't physically use the form of the book to bring across my story, I will do my best to encapsulate that through this digital book.


- it's a short story - approx. 30-60 pages - can mostly likely be read in 1-3 hours.

- the names in the titles are the POV (person receiving the text, paper etc.)


The entire book is currently being scripted and written offline. There will be an updating schedule during July/August when this book gets posted. Enjoy!

August 2020

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August 2020

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