Fade - Chapter 10

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Ciel's footsteps echo around the winding staircase leading up to his study the immense book on half-bloods held under one arm in a protective grasp, the maps held in his hand. As he reaches the top of the stairs, he turns the knob of the old door that creaks ominously as it is opened. As Ciel steps inside, he is greeted by Sebastian, whom bows at his entrance.
"You tidied up, as i asked?"
'Yes, my lord."
Ciel sets the objects he carries down on the table before sitting.
"You say it is all in Latin, my lord?"
"Indeed. Except for the cover. I found that fact quite odd, actually."
"English was beginning to take root around the time this book was made. It's not a rare occurrence for the era."
Ciel leans forward as Sebastian explains, inspecting his butler laying the maps out on the desk. Sebastian smirks as a realization crosses his face.
"It's an outdated map of hell, my lord. The different pieces represent the different formalities and clans us demons sued to confide to. Each territory marked a different species."
"Read them to me."
"This one is the area i used to reside in; the 'animalis ced' or 'animal shifters'. There were twenty four different types of demons when these maps were made, but these are over 1,000 years old... much older than the book."
"How many are there now, then?"
"There are twelve now, master. The 'floris' or 'flower demons', the 'juven' or 'young' demons, the 'caninam' or 'cannibal' demons, eight different types of animal shifters, and finally, the 'hemi hæma' or 'half bloods'."
Sebastian replies, stacking twelve of the maps on the desk.
"Of course, the rules regarding territory were discarded three hundred or so years in the past, so these maps are highly useless other than to tell us the names for the missing species."
"Well why are they missing? Why are there only twelve now?"
Ciel's tone is indiscernibly concerned as he seems to be caught up in the disturbing matter.
"The territories got demolished one by one, and they all mysteriously disappeared."
"What do you mean, Sebastian? You're not making much sense here."
"I apologize, but I do not know. They just simply vanished, sir."
"I'm going to figure all of this out: why the maps were stuck inside the book, what happened to the extinct species, and what the hell us half-bloods really are and what we had to do with it."
Ciel looks determined, his eye and icy blue that almost freezes the time in front of him, as if he is trying to preserve the decaying parchment in front of him.
"Ironic, isn't it, Ciel?"
"You escaped your arduous detective work as a human, yet you insist to go on to do it again as an immortal creature."
Ciel is sure that Sebastian's stare can cut diamonds as an indescribable emotion plays upon his face.
"Start translating the book."
Yet he verbally dismisses the haunting stare.
And he stares back with an equal intensity, changing the subject with his words, but not with his mouth.
He sounds like he is saying,
'Perhaps I am too scared to sacrifice the mundane qualities I have saught refuge in.'
Sebastian's reply aires as,
"Yes, my lord."
As he takes the book into his grasp, but he could as well be airing a warning though the dusky light shining in through the window,
'Be careful what you wish for.'
Or perhaps,
'Some things are meant to stay buried within the earth.'

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