January 21st,2012

This was the day he rejected me. Happy anniversary to me as well to happy birthday to me. Swinging my blanket over,I find Penny sleep sloppily in her bed. Chuckling lightly,I went to take a shower. Wrapping myself in a towel,I picket out a outfit for me to wear to school. Yes,school.

Something that screamed badass. A pair of ripped high waisted shorts,white v-neck,black leather biker jacket,a pair of ripped black stocking fabric knee high socks,and black combats. Curled my hair,cat eyeliner,mascara,red plump lips. Turning around I see Penelope wearing a sweater over a button up shirt,leggings,and toms. She fishtailed her hair to the side. She winged out her eyeliner,applied mascara,and put lip gloss on. We put big flower crowns on our head.

"Lego." I said. We didn't bother carrying our backpacks. Why bother? Since we haven't rode in her car in a year,we decided to ride hers. Her car was a purple Cadillac. Getting into it,we drove to school. Parking in our lot,everyone was staring at our car. Luckily the car was tinted so no one could see us. Inhale. Exhale. Getting out the car,everyone gasped.

"Who are they?"

"Why did they drive into their spot?"

"That lot hadn't been used since this date of last year!"

"They're hott."

Tuning them out,we walked down to the office casually. Once we got our schedules,we stuffed them in our pockets. Out we go,I smelt his scent. Forest and rain. While Penelope sniffed around like a hound then ran that way completely forgetting I was there. Dashing after her,she stood frozen infront of..Aiden. He look beautiful as ever. His blue eyes were as dreamy as they were before,his muscles were noticeable along with his 8 pack with that t-shirt on. His tall structure towered over me within a meter. He hasn't noticed us thankfully. But Peter Mells,the future Beta was looking at Penelope as if she's the princess in the game. Grabbing Penny's arm,I walked her to a group of cute humans. As we walk up to them,I could tell they were bad.

'Not as bad as Aiden.' Yue mutters. We have a thing for bad guys,go figure. Some were leaning on the lockers as some others standing. The hottest one had his back leaned on a locker. His hair black and messy. You could tell he had muscles and abs even if you couldn't see it. He was tan,gosh he would of mate a perfect lover. He wore a green tee with one pockets and a few buttons up the top,a black leather jacket,jeans,and combats. Letting her go,I walked on my own. The guys didn't notice us until one of them saw us approaching. I was now infront of the hot guy. He didn't look at me. He had one foot on the wall with his hands slightly in his pockets. Putting one hand on his abs,the other on his chest I leaned into him. That's what got his attention once I touched him. People around us gasped.

"What is she doing?"

"She can die doing that!"

"Oh my gosh!"

This guy must be real bad news. He just looked down at me with a blank face,but his eyes held wonder. My eyes wandered down his hands,and back up to his eyes. He must of caught on when his hands softly went on my hips. He pulled my core to his. We slowly started to kiss,and make out passionately. Magic? Yeah,hehe.



"When Verena tried that,he totally dissed her!"

"Do they know eachother?"

"What if it's his girlfriend?"

"Ahem,dude." One of the guys coughed. We sadly stopped,he looked at the guy with a blank expression.

"What?" He asked. His voice was so rich and deep.

"Uhm introductions..please?" Another dude said. "Is this your girlfriend?"

"No." We both said.

"Uh..Well my name is Riley Bolt." A brunette guy said.

"Thomas Dez." A brown hair said.

"Jeremiah Falls,the brother of the person you just made out with." A black hair kid chuckled.

"Weston Lambert." A blonde said.

"Ethan Falls." The guy i just made out with said.

"Olli Rose Lu." I said.

"Penelope Candy Oaks." Penny said.

A growl erupted through the hallways making everyone be quiet. You'd never guess who that growl was from. Aiden.

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