A Special Bonus Chapter • She's my wife

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Surprised? Yes, I am too 💕

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Surprised? Yes, I am too 💕

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A photograph.

That's what I had. A simple photograph yet it wasn't the paper that held my world in them. It was the image of the person, of her, that held my world.

She was my world.

Even as I sit in this multi-million worth company, with the world in the palm of my hands, I feel more lonely than ever. I could have anything I want, with a snap of my fingers anything could be brought forth except, her.

I couldn't have her.

What was the world worth if I didn't have her. The bitter thought ran through my head making me intake a sharp breath and shake my head a little. Trying to push the thought away.

Closing my eyes, I could see her. Those large hazel eyes and the light brown hair with a hint of black in them. I can almost feel her skin against mine. The feeling of her soft touch lingering on me.

As I close my eyes, she is no more than an inch away and I almost have her, so close, that I can feel her soft breath fanning against my face and her warm lips an inch away.

" Ammar"

She whispers, a bright smile coming across her face making my stomach turn, and a tingle rushing down my spine. Reaching forward, my hand is only an inch away when I hear her voice again, yet this time, it isn't exactly like hers.

" Ammar"

A voice calls out making my eyes snap open again. Looking upwards I feel them landing on the brown ones before me. The sight of a tall woman, with long blonde hair holding a bunch of files in her hands greeted me making me sit upwards and groan a little.

" Hello Becks" I murmured seeing the woman grin at me as she placed the files on the glass table and a part of me wanted to yell at her for disturbing me, from waking me up from my dream, but I knew Beckie wasn't at fault here and it wasn't in my nature to raise my voice at women.

" Hello Ammar, here's your files. I've got all your appointments rescheduled and all the notes from the meetings are there-"

She spoke pointing her perfectly manicured nails on a black file before she looked upwards at me again.

" And I've forwarded you all the emails from the current market shares. So, you don't have any excuse to come back to work on the second day of Eid, besides"

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