First Time 21+

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You hum..

"I'm going on a one day business trip to Busan."
He said and you turn to look at him.

"When is it?"
You sit up on the bed and look at him.

"This Friday."
He said pulling you back down to his embrace and hug you tight.

"Can I follow you?"
You ask.

"And why's that?"
Jungkook ask while still holding you in his embrace.

"I want you to meet my parents."
As soon as you finish you're sentence Jungkook look down at you.

He ask.

"Yes, you always ask me so..."
You said and he smile at you.

"Thank you honey....."



While Jungkook was doing his jobs, you stay at your parents house for one night, and the next day Jungkook come.

The days pass really quick, you're parents like Jungkook and they get along.... including with your dad and your very proud of that.

You and Jungkook stay for two more days and later on Jungkook said he want to spend some time with you while he's free.

"Babe, where this?"
You ask Jungkook who's getting out the luggage from the car and smile at you.

"My mom and dad builded this before they get married and spend their honeymoon here."

"And I bring you here because I want to spend my time with you."
He said and you run to him.

"The views is so pretty here."
You said while closing you're eye and listen to the sound of the wave and birds.

"You like it?"
He ask and you nod at him.
"Now let's go in."

The whole day you and Jungkook spend your time together, making memories in this house.


You and Jungkook were laying on the bed while both of your hand were playing with each other hand.

"You know I love you right?"
Jungkook said out all of sudden and you nod at him.

"Of course, you say that a thousand time for today already."
You pinch his nose and kiss him on the lips.

After awhile you pull away but Jungkook pill you back into a deep kiss.

You kiss him back, wrapping your arm around his neck. He bite your lower lips asking for you to open your mouth but you didn't allow it.

"Open your mouth."
He said between the kiss and you chuckle opening your mouth.

The kiss was really deep, his tongue and your tongue playing with each other while his hand tracing down your body.

You let out a moan.

Jungkook hand slide down into your shirt make his way to your boobs and massage them.

You started to moan because of the pleasure. Your hand start to move to Jungkook waist and lift up his shirt and take it off.

You broke the kiss and say.
"I'm ready."

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