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Standing on top of a thirty-storey- building, Cadell squinted at the sky which gradually began to lose its dull, crimson colour

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Standing on top of a thirty-storey- building, Cadell squinted at the sky which gradually began to lose its dull, crimson colour. A chilling wind eagerly invaded his body. Maybe he should have brought a coat.

What kind of vigilante wears a coat, boy? The voice chimed in.

Cadell huffed as he overlooked a cluster of apartment complexes below. And when did you have an opinion? I thought you were all about being eeeeviilll or something.

The voice chuckled, slow and sluggish. Those were your thoughts. I merely say what you think. Now, let's not get sidetracked, boy. Which victim shall we cleanse first?

Woah, Woah, hold up there, partner. Cadell considered the voice far from a partner but he liked the idea of sounding like a cowboy for some reason. We're cleansing this city from crime so it's nice and safe. I had no idea what you had in mind.

Come on, boy. Don't play dumb with me. No hero refers to saving a city as cleansing!

There's a first for everything. What can I say? I guess you could call me an innovator. You know, I've always wanted to start a new trend.

Cadell made his way to the edge of the roof and looked far down below at the empty streets bathed in an orange glow from streetlights. By some miracle, after leaving Sara's house, he'd splatted on this roof like a pancake. The impact knocked the wind out of him and he may have made a high-pitched yelp he wasn't proud of but it was much better than the alternative.

If he jumped off this building or fell from any life-threatening distance for that matter, a portal would transport him to God knows where in order to keep him alive.

Cadell's covered his mouth, a sudden realization hitting him. "What if the portal took me to the African Savannah in front of a group of Lions?" he said aloud. "They'd be surprised. Or maybe they'd just eat me."

Yeah, that's a rough way to go. Elijah's voice said out of nowhere. It would be really slow as well. The Earth's outer core would be much more forgiving though. You'd die before knowing you were even there.

Cadell looked around. "Where are you?"

"In your pocket, dummy. Remember the electronic band I gave you? Put it on your wrist and get your ass back here."

While taking a seat on the roof's edge, Cadell forced his hand through the device. "Hell no. What's the point in this thingy anyway-OW!"

The band tightened around Cadell's wrist, slowly rotating clockwise like a Chinese burn to end all Chinese burns.

"Is it on, bro?" Cadell heard Elijah trying to mask his giggles.

"You know it is!"

"Consider that payback for leaving the Dome. I'm glad you met Sara though. Maybe she'll stop bugging me about how you're doing."

Cadell paused for a few seconds, deep in thought. "This is a tracking device, isn't it? "

"Bingo amigo. Checks your vitals too. You know, blood pressure, hormone imbalance, sends varying voltage shocks too, temperature, all that kinda stuff."

Cadell nervously fidgeted with the tightened band. It didn't move a budge. "Uhhh, I think I misheard you because of the wind around here. Did you say voltage shocks?"

"Yes, but you can see me via this hologram feature I added. Look!" Elijah cried triumphantly. And sure enough, a hologram of Elijah sitting in an armchair with his thumbs up emitted from the device."

"That's pretty neat—wait don't change the subject."

The hologram Elijah solemnly looked at Cadell. "You wanted a short-term solution. I've given it to you. I would prefer it if we tested you more and provided a more humane last resort but I know you're too obsessed to comply with me.

Cadell frowned. "What? I'm not obsessed."

"The first 250 pages of your journal seems to disagree with you. If we're going to get our hands dirty now, you're gonna have to endure this for a while. As we speak, our engineering team are working on the super suit I designed. It should be able to handle any worst-case scenario."

Cadell raised an eyebrow. He has an engineering team? How much authority does this guy have? "How long will it take?" 

"Tomorrow night tops, give or take. In the meantime, put this on."

Elijah disappeared from view and returned with a black mask, the likes of which Cadell had never seen before—two large glowing white eye sockets and a curved white stripe.

Cadell turned his head to look at the eerie mask at an angle. "I don't care what anyone says. That is not a smile, bro."

Elijah sighed shakily as he turned the mask over to face him. "That's what I thought when I first saw you turn Psycho."

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