Chapter 48

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After 7 days.

Ayesha's POV

It has been 7 days since I am staying with Shaila mom. All of them try to keep me happy but then my heart knows that I am not.

Neil... He comes daily in the night and spends one hour with me. I am going to college regularly and once I am back Neil comes and spends some time with me.

During this one hour, he sits beside me and tells me that how his day went. He also asks me to come back to him while I....

I just sit beside him and simply nod or answer in a yes or no. I just need some more time.

Currently, I am getting ready to go to my college. After getting ready, I sit on the dining table waiting for mom to serve me poha.

After serving the poha, she came and sat with us. Mom, Annie and Vani started with their daily bickerings. But I was not at all interested in their talks.

I continued to eat my food in silence. Once I was done, I took my bag and went out of the house only after bidding mom and the girls a goodbye.

I started walking to the bus stop and as usual a black car was following me. It has become a daily schedule since the last 7 days.

I daily walk to the bus stop and that's when a black car follows me till the bus stop. I know that it's Neil but then I never react.

He follows me till the time I reach the bus stop and once I board the bus, he's gone.

Time passed and the college ended. I came back to my home as quickly as I can.

After reaching home, I kept my bag in my room and headed for the garden.

As I entered the living room, mom came into sight with some snacks in her hand.

" Ayesha, come here beta and have some of these snacks. " She said as she placed the plate on the table.

Ahh.... I can't have them now. Neil will be here at any second.

" No mom, I am not at all hungry. Thanks for preparing this." I replied.

" But beta, it has been hours since you had your lunch. " She said.

How can I make her understand ?

" Aunty, let her go ! Her hunger won't bug her as her husband is going to come soon. She's so excited to meet her man that her hunger too can wait." Annie said with a smirk on her face while I glared at her.

I know... I know... You guys must be thinking that how come Annie has gone all normal with Neil.

She's just appreciating his efforts in order to convince me to go back to him. She feels that he's genuinely sorry and is regretting his actions.

I know that it's high time that I go back with him. Neil has learnt his lesson well enough. I have decided that I will go back with him in a couple of days.

" I will be back soon. " I said.

" Huh... Huh... It means not anytime soon. " Annie said dramatically. I took the cushion pillow and threw it in her direction while she ducked to escape it.

I gave her a glare for the last time and went out. I sat on one of the chairs which were there out in the garden.

After 15 minutes.

Now, I am sitting here for the last 15 minutes and still there's no sign of this man. Where has he gone ?

I swear that I will break his jaw if he ever says that he doesn't make others to wait while he himself hates to wait.

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