Chapter Thirty-Two: Bow Down pt. 1

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The rest of the day was like living in a daze. I ate breakfast with Connor and Jo, went to class, took notes. But nothing registered.

I decided to skip lunch to catch up on homework, and to avoid Dean Lachlan, but couldn't concentrate. The Dean's sexual assault, my body's betrayal, were stuck on a loop in my head.

Every time I closed my eyes all I could see was him grinding into me... and my hips grinding in return.

"God, what is wrong with me?" I growled, flinging my history book across the room. I buried my face in my hands, and let out a frustrated cry.

I should have tried harder to stop him.

I should have fought back.

Why didn't I fight back?

An abrupt knock sounded at the door, followed by Lucius' muffled voice. "Miss Ridley, is everything alright?"

"I'm fine," the lie wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped. I cursed, kicking out of bed to pad over to the door.

"May I come in?" He asked, tone somber.

A knot formed in my throat.

Did he know what happened between me and Dean Lachlan?

Or between me, Duke, and Aiden?

Did he know about all of it? All of my dirty, shameful escapades from early this morning.

My stomach churned as I stood back to let him inside. I quietly closed the door behind him, watching as he came to stand in the middle of the room.

What if he didn't know about any of it? What if he was here to tell me the plan was off? That he wasn't going to help me escape?

"Miss Ridley," Lucius began, still sounding grave. "Apologies for intruding, but Gabriel asked me to speak with you... about this morning."

I felt myself pale. "What about it?"

"He wants you to have dinner with him this evening to discuss it in person."

My jaw dropped. "He wants me to what?!"

It had to be some kind of joke, right? There was no way Dean Lachlan could actually think I'd want to see him after what he did.

"Miss Ridley, I understand your anger," Lucius spoke calmly. "Duke is like a brother to me. But, Gabriel must have had reason to do what he did. Just give him a chance to explain himself."

Explain himself.

Suddenly I'm not standing in front of Lucius anymore, but in front of the Dean. He's rocking into me. Panting. Forcing me to crumble in his arms with an earth-shattering orgasm.

I shook the memory away.

"No, I can't." I turned my back to him, fighting tears. "Just t-tell him I'm sick or something."

"Why?" I heard his footsteps approach me. "Did something else happen?"

I jumped when his hand landed on my shoulder. He recoiled, and whispered, "did he do something to you?"

A tear slipped down my cheek.

"Miss Ridley? What did he do?"

Slowly, he turned me to face him.

I kept my eyes down, too ashamed, too afraid of what he'd see if I looked up at him.

Lucius was quiet, his gaze burrowing into me. Finally after an eternity, I heard his breath catch.

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