Clerihew Au Jus!

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Sometimes described as the literate cousin of the Limerick, the Clerihew is childish, flat-footed and eponymous, composed of two rhymed couplets designed to lower the tone and cut everyone down to size. These Clerihew poems are perfectly cooked in their own juices, resulting in Clerihew Au Jus ! 

To highlight the grastronomic theme of this ebook, I've written an Epulaeryu poem below to whet your appetites.  Bon appétit !

Clerihew Au Jus

 Poetic delicacies,

Chilled haiku sake,

Sautéed clerihew au jus,

Free-range limericks

baked to perfection,

Footle fries,


Poetry notes:

Poetry form: Epulaeryu - A poem that is entirely about food. It has seven lines with a grand total of thirty-three syllables. The meter of the poem is set so that it is, 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. The poem is supposed to revolve entirely around the dish. Each line is supposed to present information about it. The end of an Epulaeryu poem ends with an exclamation point because the poem itself is about the writer's excitement and enjoyment toward the dish that they are writing about. The final line, the one-syllable word is meant to sum up the feelings that the writer has. The Epulaeryu poem is a way to express these positive feelings about food and is a fun way to do so.

 Bon appétit !

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