Getting down to business

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Her legs wrapped around him, he carried her into his bedroom, banging into a door and then a dresser as they were locked in a passionate embrace.

He collapsed onto his bed, using his strong arms to stop himself from falling on top of her. He paused and hovered above her face for a moment. "I've been fantasizing about this moment since the moment I met you," he whispered into her ear, biting down softly on her lobe, and trailing kisses down her neck.

Chara gasped with pleasure and anticipation. She'd suppressed her feelings for Jak for so long, and suddenly they had come flooding to the surface in an explosion of lust. Her body ached for him, and she instinctively pushed her hips up into his. His cock was rock hard.

Her hands searched for the bottom of his tank top and yanked it up swiftly. He placed his large hand on her breast, at first on top of her dress, then pulling it to the side to reveal her naked nipple. Hungrily, he plunged his mouth onto it, causing Chara to gasp once again. She tossed her head back, panting as he caressed and licked around the most sensitive parts of her tits, and his hands crept down her belly, and beyond.

Dexterously, he ran the tips of his fingers all the way between her legs, and let them glide gently back up to her belly button, expertly tonguing her nipple all the while. Finally, his hand found the hem of her underwear and slid underneath it.

As he massaged her engorged clit, her hips bucked to the rhythm. Finally, he couldn't wait any longer--and nor could she. He tore off his pants and yanked her underwear down and off. She spread her legs, and within seconds, his raging hard-on was plunging inside of her.

Chara screamed with pleasure as he thrust into her deeply, holding her body close to his, kissing her neck, her ears, her chest, and her lips as he made sweet, passionate, hot love to her.

It was unlike anything Chara had felt before. Jak looked deep into her eyes as he moved on top of her, and Chara felt truly and deeply cared for. She buried her head into the crook between his neck and shoulder, her face distorted with ecstasy, as an orgasm took over her body.

They lay in the afterglow of their stunning climaxes, panting heavily, relieved and happy to have finally satisfied their deep, carnal urges.

Jak reached into his bedside drawer and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, and offered one to Chara.

"No, thanks," she laughed. "Since when do you smoke?"

"Only on special occasions," he winked, lighting the end and taking a deep, accomplished inhale.


Knock knock

Knock knock knock!

"Ohhhh, do we have to get that?" Jak moaned. Chara's legs were wrapped around his waist, and she'd been grinding on top of him, softly licking the side of his neck.

They'd been in bed for two days and hadn't stopped making love except to eat and sleep.

Chara hadn't thought about Mike for a moment, except to realize that she was suddenly well and truly over him. She'd let go of him for this beautiful unusually tall Thai with unusually golden eyes and indiguisable desire for her.

Knock knock knock!!

Groaning, Chara pushed herself up with Jak's shoulders, and swung her legs off of him, shuffling across the tile floor, down the hallway, and to the front door.

Knock knock--

Chara pulled the door open. Anna stood there, her blonde hair thrown up into a messy ponytail, wearing a frilly top that fell off her shoulders, and her signature tiny jean shorts. Her ass hung out of the bottom.

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