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Mary's POV

I woke up from my nap to the smell of meat cooking . I quickly cleaned myself off and went into the kitchen. I saw Ethan cooking . I stood there confused in why he was so happy . Then everything hit me again.

The surgery.

I told him I loved him .

I cried in front of him .

I guess I was so caught up in the moment that I was stupid enough to tell him I love him . I love him as a person not as my partner . He must've misunderstood that last night since I wasn't very sober . What was I thinking last night .

I'm still very happy about him telling me about the surgery. I was slowly becoming his friend.
I'm not ready to give him any special access to my life . I am not ready to feel hurt again. It was to deep for me to feel that feeling again.

He still gave me nightmares. My enemy was slowly trying to get me back into his arms . I'm not ready for it again. I don't want it .

"Good afternoon babygirl." He walked over to me .

He lifted me up .

"Ethan!" I said .

"It's ok I'm not going to drop you ." He chuckled.

He set me down on the marble counter top. He kept his hold on my thighs .

I sat there confused.

He then began to kiss my neck .

His hands caressed my thighs sending shivers down my spine .

I couldn't move . I was stuck . I didn't want it but I did . My body froze as soon as he began to suck on my sweet spot.

"Ethan." I moaned quietly into his ear .

"Shh." He said and proceeded to make my body crave him .

I might hate him , but I can't deny that I want him. He makes my body feel so good .

His right hand slowly roamed all over my body as he kissed my neck .

His hand then made its way into my shorts . I completely lost it . He began kissing me and I kissed back .  It's been 1 year and right now I'm losing it .

Every time this man gets a hold of my body he doesn't let go .

"Ethan!" I moaned in between our kiss .

His hand was doing magic inside of my shorts .

"Ethan!" I moaned out again.

He picked me back up and took me to his room where he ripped off my clothes . 

He slowly thrusted as time went by he went a bit faster . I was scratching his back as I screamed his name out .

This man is a beast at his craft. He's been making me feel this way since the first time we've ever done this .

I can't control myself when he touches me . This feeling takes over my body and I don't know how to act .

He wears me out . He has no mercy when it comes to this . His goal is to leave me sore for a few days every time .  He always manages to make it happen .

I need to control myself . He's just trying to have me on my knees begging for him to stay .

I pushed him off of me and quickly pulled up my shorts . I grabbed the keys and ran to the Jeep .

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