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Penetrated through your skull, cleaving the signatures of the beautiful; death was a weapon.

A scene so elegant chanting through the minds of the young.

The formerly charming, those who were gullible — all grace to their pubescent upbringing.

  Death served its justice. Death did its duty.

  Emanuel Albertson dredged the besmirched knife in the water, letting his finger take a toll on the gore embodied in the object.

  He was illustrious. Proud of the clear path he forged for himself.

  Now condemned a suspect, laughing at the easiness of his task.

  Mouth going wide at the incorruption he was once destined to, the steel cut article trickled red onto his suit, biting into the fabric he busied himself with everyday.

  "Then, there were none," he hummed, tip breaching his tongue as his mouth brimmed with plush.

  Satiated and aroused, buff eyed and hair tousled, Emanuel yearned for more but was inadequate to prevail yet another conquest for the reason of his colleague presenting himself.

  "Such an amiable scene," claret galvanized did he declaim.

  Black sheathed Alexander's haggard skin, gold chain encased copiously in the vicinity of his neck that caterwauled a slayer.

  Conceivably, if you had scrutinized close enough, you'd encounter the malady, the martyrdom the boys challenged.

  It was what so heavenly made them out to be the creatures they were. The desolation they endured — but don't look enough, they might have the potency to gouge your eyes out impassively.

  Teeth as sharp as the ballista he used to sever his prey's throat, Emanuel smiled. Such a tight smile that demonstrated the crevices crying to let loose. "I could have sworn you were out beholding for bloodshed." He smirked, crookedness plastering all over his physique.

  "O' God be with you," Alexander crooned, "Now why would I challenge myself to such an impolite game?" Eyes narrowing daggers, fluid burgeoning mercurial with asperity. 

  His words danced with satire, begging with the dead not to liberate such a mad man.

  "You are one for your ways, Alexander," Emanuel soothed, lip shooting limp — ravenous to delight itself with the simplicity of ore from its prosecutor.

  Diverted, he remarked, "Walk with me," shoes jolting dirt demoralized within the ground. "Chancellor asked for you to conform with him. Yet, another disturbance?"

  Head errant, hands enthralled with one another — vexing to disarm the frenetic veiling in the bruises of his callouses — Emanuel convenes a snort, throat rigidifying as the dismay braced its summoning.

  "Such a thing that I am ineligible to answer."

  "He is your father, Manuel—"

  "Which is the explicit reasoning for why I'm clueless to his ways," the Chancellor's son scoffed — appalled at the allocation of his father. "Why he may be my blood, he sure as hell is not someone who can call recall my upbringing." Emanuel persisted, teeth blushing salmon.

  Kippered lips stained shady, Alexander guarded a fluctuant breath, searching for the righteous words to affirm.

Eyes battling the sun beaming effulgently, Alexander discerned the laborious stimulates from the preceding night's obstreperous triumphs.

"Hermetic," the blond haired boy taunted, hands scorching from the touch of mortality. "I'm anticipating you at midnight. Bring that girl along with you," he sneered, impatience sprouting for reciprocation.

Smugly was Emanuel Albertson residual to venture his father's macabre displeasure, veins rupturing with impending anguish.

"Just do as he pleases, Albertson." Alexander implored, propriety abating.

By no means did Emanuel want to necessitate to his father's disposition – as he would be cemented to the cavalier jurisdiction of St. Vincent's maleficent crusades.

  Mouth exerting resplendent, susceptibility cornering his every move, he scoffed at the antagonistic child.

  "You fool, Alexander," Emanuel discorded, ground throng with revulsion, "Dare I accommodate to his foolish requisites, we might as well let all hell break loose," he derived.

  Simper cutting caustic, Abrahams slackened his lips, alleviating delirium.

  "Then, Emanuel, let us break all hell loose."

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