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I was searching dhoombros pics on Google when I came across with this exclusive interview! Not sure how many of you have already read it online, I still decided to upload it for those who haven't yet read it. :D



Q - Who came up with the name 'DhoomBros' and why this name in particular?

Waqas : DhoomBros started when Shehry and Hussain did a school performance on 'Dhoom Again' on a talent show and everybody there loved their dance so much and were so impressed that the people in the school started calling them DhoomBros as they were bothers and they danced to 'Dhoom'. Then the name caught on all around the school and then they started making YouTube videos and they actually kept the name DhoomBros.

Q - How did you guys end up making videos and uploading them on YouTube?

Hussain : We started off by making very low quality videos. Just for fun, we would put cameras in front of us and then Shehry would start hitting me, beating me up and I would act like I'm getting hurt. We started off like that and then his friends started watching those videos and they were pretty cool so they liked it. So we thought maybe if we continue like that then we might get somewhere with it. In the beginning we didn't have hope but now it's more of a profession and it's what we want to be.

Q - Do you guys remember the very first video that you uploaded?

Waqas : The first video that we uploaded was when phones had video cameras and it was new that time, I guess in 2006. The recording limit was 30 seconds. We recorded 30 second clips on the phone and made it into a movie kind of thing and uploaded that. It was actually just for fun and we really enjoyed it.

Shehry : Yeah, the first one was on the phone camera and we were giving background music from our mouths.

Waqas : Yeah, I was singing like tananaaa.... and we wrote down credits on paper.

Hussain : Yeah, and then we recorded the paper to show credits.

Shehry : There was no editing involved. Like, we had to stop recording when we were done. So that was the first video that we uploaded.

Q - When did Atif join you guys?

Atif : I joined in around three years ago when the first 'Dolly Aunty' video was being made. Before that I was also in the video 'Bollywood Scenes'. I came into DhoomBros because my friend, Shehry invited me and told me to do this for fun. I remember he called me home and when I came home he told me that we're doing something called the DhoomBros and I want you to have fun with us. So I said yes and it started with 'Dolly Aunty' from there the journey has been great. And Shehry has been my friend from a long time and then these guys too. What we do, we also do it for friendship. It's not just a YouTube channel for us. It's our passion and we enjoy ourselves. It's our journey for life.

Q - You guys are amazing dancers and you act as well. So what do you enjoy more, acting or dancing?

Hussain : For me personally, I like acting more but dancing is also a hobby. Acting is what I really wanna do. I wanna be an actor.

Waqas : I would say acting as well. Dancing is once in a while thing but acting I would like to do more often.

Shehry : If I had to choose between acting and dancing, I would choose acting because dancing just comes with the flow. For us, It's not just dancing, it's us having fun and people name that as dancing now-a-days. So for now, I wanna act. And Atif loves dancing (laughs)

Atif : Yeah, I'm a great dancer.

Shehry : He's gonna choose dancing. I'm sure (still laughing)

Atif : Actually, I love acting.

Hussain : We all learned

Atif : We are still learning. To be honest, if you give me option of directing, I would say that because I love directing. Behind the camera is a lot of fun. So that's what I love doing.



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