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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"I can't do nothing cause she don't wanna be 'round you

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"I can't do nothing cause she don't wanna be 'round you. You made your choice and she made hers" my daddy said looking at my momma

She popped up to my sweet 16 thinking shit was cool. Nah pooh.. REVERSE THAT SHIT!

"Kamrynn plea— " I cut her off

"Ma no, I don't wanna be around you. You put yo' boyfriend before me, and risked time in jail cause of him. Then on top of that y'all still together but you got the nerve to come to my party"

She ain't say nothing

"Tiyanna go" my daddy said

yeah .. go!

"Listen to me" she looked at me, and I crossed my arms waiting to hear what she had to say "I'm yo' momma and you not gone talk to me like that.
Ion care what I did you still gone respect me"

She started getting closer. Who the fuck bailed her out anyway?

"y'all get her outta here" I said to my security guards and they grabbed her and begin to take her away

she had me fucked up

"you good?" my daddy asked me, I nodded as we walked back in the building

"I'm straight" I made my way over to the fruit table where all the fruit was laid out at. I started picking up pineapples and strawberries

"these shits talking bout something" I said as my cousin walked over to me

"hoe you looking lonely ass hell over here" when she said that I thought about Kash.

she said she wasn't gone be able to come cause she had stuff to do back in her home town

I'm sad

" Bitch I'm minding my business, you should try that shit. It'll get you a long way" I pointed to her and nodded before biting a piece of my strawberry

she started laughing but wasn't nothing funny

"you funny"

"no you funny" I said before everybody started laughing loud

I started laughing cause these folks had a big ass screen up with my baby pictures on it.

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