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Wym anti C. I thought yhu didnt have kids. Well the truth is that I have a daughter, shes 18 and her name is kulcher. I had her and at the time I didny have much and I knew It was gone be hard to raise her, and I wanted her to have a great mom and I wasnt. And I put her up for adoption. I got her back when she was 4.

And I want her ro meet her family starting wit yhu. I smiled. Well I cant wait to meet her. We was on our way and about 20min later we were at her house. We walked in and I saw a girl sitting on the sofa. Kulcher this is yo cousin kalie. She got up and jumped on me. I been waiting to meet somebody. I laughed. Lets go up to my room and get to know each other. I nodded and we walked up stairs to go to her room. I cant even lie me and her room was bout what and what. So lets start wit yhu. Ok so

My name is kalie Trellena robinson. Im 19. My favorite colorbis lavender purple........ Now let's talk bout yhu. I told her witch made her go on bout her. Me and her are so close. Bitch let me tell yhu something. So do yhu know the nba gang well if yhu do three3 jist slid in my Dms. Girl yea I be wit they dum asses every day. Yhu do, yea yhu can come wit me there today if yhu want she shook her head real quick. We could go now if you want. She shook her head. Yhu got a car. She shook her head again. Let me go put some clothes on. I nodded and she came out looking to cute. We walked out.

Take me a picture kalie. I took her pictures, and she posted it. I already tpok my picture when we was in the house.

 I already tpok my picture when we was in the house

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Lets go girl

20min later we pulled to Kentrell house. And kulcher got happy. I saw eveybody car which meant they were here. I knocked on the door and kendell answered it. Wassam bae, he calls me bae and I thinks its cute. Hey bae. He let us. who thisb this my cousin b her name kulcher. Hey kulcher. Im kendell yhu want be my bae to. He asked her and she nodded. We walked in and he had me a kulcher by our waist. Say both of my baes here. Kentrell mugged him and I stared laughing. Hey yall they all said hey. Say kalie who that is. Three said. This my cousin kulcher. Kendell let kulcher go but not me. He wouldn't let me go so I had to sit on his lap. I was cool wit it cuz he would always ro that. He kissed my cheek. And Kentrell got mad and picked me up off of kendell and put me on his lap. Kendell smacked his lips and I started laughing. Why yhu on this nigga lapb kentrell whispered in my ear. He did that on purpose b cuz he knew he would turn me on. I bite down on my lip trying not to moan. And yhu let that nigga kiss yhu. I started laughing. Yhu act like he kissed me on my lips. His belt kept poking me so I told him to take it off. Say lil mama that aint my belt. He started laughing and My eyes widened. Damn yo ass on hard fo no reason. Nigga why yall asses on my baes like that. Kendell said talking to Kentrell and three. Nigga fuck yhu come here bae. Their was no way kentrell was letting me get up. Kulcher got up and sat on kendell lap

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