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Lisa POV
I open my eyes and I saw some Doctors inside my room and they keep checking me like a pervert.

"What are you doing here?." I annoyingly said.

"We're waiting you to woke up." they said.

"Why?." I asked.

"Actually the poison in your body back in 3 years ago, is spreading to your blood, you need to take a operation, or you will die." he said.

"I'm sorry but I think misunderstanding." I said.

"No we're not Ms. Manoban, the poison in your body is getting worse and worse. We don't want to force you, but you really need to take an operation." he worriedly said.

"I'll think." I said and they nodded then left.

I try to walk, and it's difficult, I sit on my wheel chair and I went to Jennie's room, and she's already okay, and my parents too.

I went to kook room and I saw a crowd inside of Kook's room.

I think I know this fuck.

I rushly enter the room and I saw them giving him a pulse.

But they can't let Kook alive.

"I'm sorry Ms. Manoban, because it's really difficult to let him alive." he said and pat my shoulder and they left.

I cried so loud and I saw my parents came in and Jennie.

They comfort me and I don't know why I just easily lost my childhood friend like this.

"Kook, why are you going to leave me without a goodbye, *sniff* Kook I don't know what to do without you by my side. *sob* *sob* Kook your my hero right? *sniff* you told me that your going to protect me till you die, but why so early." I said and his body.

"Please wake up and tell me who did this to you!*sniff*" I said and I cried.

Then Jennie came closer to me.

"Lisa calm down, the pol-" I cut her off.

"Police can't find those criminals because they are idiots! They are always late like this situation!." i said, then I felt my tummy hurts and I'm getting dizzier.

I fainted and I heard them calling a nurse or a doctor.

Jennie POV
The doctor told us that Lisa is not okay, because the poison in her body is getting worse and she need a operation, and I think Lisa will refuse this.

I can't think careful because of what I heard to the doctor, if she didn't the operation, she will die.

When my bruised healed, I'm always inside Lisa's room. And I'm waiting for her to awake. I hold her hand and I put a kiss on it.

"Lisa, I don't want you to die." I said and I felt a hand on my head.

"Jennie, I'm not going to die, I'll take the operation, before I'll take my revenge." she said and kissed my forehead.

~The Next day. ~

Lisa got her operation and I hope it will done safely.

I wait to the waiting room until the doctor came out.

"Is she okay?."i asked and he remove his masked.

" Yes, the operation is successful. Just wait for her to wake up. " he said and he excuse himself.

I smiled and I wait her bed come out.

I report this to her parents and they happily. Then I went to my apartment to change my clothes.

Lisa POV
I suddenly wake up and I feel pain a little, and I'm still at the hospital.

I look for Jennie at my room, and she's not here, is she doing this again?.

I sigh and I heard the door knob open. I saw Jennie smiling at me, and she ran to me, and she hug me so tight.

"Um, Jennie, your hurting me." I said and she remove her hug on me.

"I'm sorry, I'm just really happy to see you. " she said and she hold my hand.

Of course I'm not still happy, because someone killed my childhood friend.

While I'm thinking something, Jennie's phone rang so loud.

"Oppss, I need to answer this Lisa, is it okay? ." Jennie asked.

"Sure, take your time." I said and I lay at my bed.

I fell asleep.

"After this issue, I want to Jennie be my girl again."


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