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Third Person POV
Lisa received many missed calls from her workers and hospital, and she try to call the one of them.

-At the Phone Call-
"Why are you guys Calling this late?." Lisa huskly said.

"Umm, Vice president is....." she said.

"What?, what happened on him?." I Lisa calmly asked.

"He got stab." she said.

Lisa drop her phone when she heard about Kook, she change her clothes and went downstairs, she calls her driver and assistant to book her a flight tonight.

Family Kim go downstairs too, coz their heard Lisa panicking.

"What happened Lisa?." Jennie's mom said.

"Long story, Jennie are you going to stay here or your going with me in New Zealand?." Lisa seriously said.

"Wait il-" Lisa cut her off.

"Don't packed your things now, we need go there quickly." Lisa said and when she heard her driver, they went out and they entered the car.

"Go at the airport quickly!." Lisa nervously said and the driver nodded.

"Can you tell what's happening?." Jennie asked.

"Jennie please don't ask me, I need to think something." Lisa said and Jennie Nodded.

When they are in the airport, thankfully there's no fans waiting for Lisa, they went to their private plane and Lisa can't calm herself.

Jennie POV
The next day, we arrive at the  New Zealand safety, and We went to the hospital quickly.

"Where is Kook room?." Lisa asked to the nurse.

"At The VIP Ms. Manoban." the nurse said and Lisa nodded.

Lisa ran and when she's front the vip room, we entered and we saw an doctor there.

"Is he okay?." Lisa asked.

"Yas, the operation is safely done, and he's still under coma." the doctor said and he excuse himself.

She sits near to Jungkook, and I saw her hold jungkook's hand then she cry.

"Thank god your safe Kook." she said while crying.

And her phone rang.

She went outside and she answer the call.

When she's finished, she order me to go airport.

"Please Jennie, take care of my family and you too." she said and I hug her then she hug me back.

I went outside of the hospital and I drive Lisa's car.

When I got at the airport, Lisa's parents got shocked when they saw me.

"Are you guys okay now?." Lisa's mom said.

"Maybe." I said and they laugh.

They entered the car and we went to the hospital.

Lisa's parents saw Kook, and they all worried on him. Of course I'm one of them.

Mr. Jeon is a good man, gentleman, and also caring man. He help me for my works, even it's heavy or not, he's giving me a food when he knows that I didn't eat, and also, he told me that I need to protect Lisa from those bad guys.

I promise, I protect Lisa till I die.

When it's getting night, Lisa ordered me to take Lisa's parents in their home.

"Join us Sweetie." Lisa's mom said to her.

"Sorry mom, but I need to take care of Kook." she said.

Then her father grab her arm.

"Listen, I assign Ms. Nayeon to take care of Kook, you can go back there later okay?." Her dad said and she nodded.

While we're at the road, someone tailing us.

"Someone's tailing us Lisa." I panickly said.

"I know." she said.

"Drive faster!." She said to the driver and he nodded.

When we're getting faster, we accidentally bump into a big truck.

I open my eyes slowly, and my head hurts. I touch my head, and there's a blood flowing. I look at the back, I saw Lisa's family and her still not awake.

The car have full of damage, and I heard some random noises outside the car, I fainted because of dizziness.

~Time Skipped~

I open my eyes slowly and I saw some doctors looking at me. I felt strange and I look at my side, I saw Lisa still sleeping and full of bruised.

Then her parents too.

All of the doctors asking me some random but I can't answer it, I felt trauma. I suddenly cry and I didn't know what to do.

I put them in a danger again, first is jungkook and second is Lisa's parents and her.

While I'm crying I heard my mom calling my name.

"Sweetie don't cry." my mom said.

I suddenly closed my eyes without knowing.

??? POV
"That's good news, keep up the good work." I said and they nodded.

"Kill them one by one, and check them if they are alive." I said and they nodded.

"Lisa Manoban, your going down, and your going to hell with your supportive parents and girlfriend."

I laughed evily and I drink my whine.

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