Author's Final Note:

Charm Academy is my first story here in Wattpad so ending the story is quite special. Having said that, sorry for all the typos and grammar issues. The story is not edited yet.

Thank you for all the people who supported the story here in Wattpad specially for the comments and messages. May mga comments na talagang tumatak sa akin and I would forever treasure them.

Thank you din sa mga members ng group. And sa mga admins, salamat sa pagtulong sa akin, for organizing activities and stuff, and for being there for the group. You guys really made this journey enjoyable.

Inulit ko po: walang book 2 ang Charm Academy. Dito na nagtatapos ang story nila.

I will miss Charm Academy as much as you do. Maybe even more. But I hope this is not goodbye yet. Hopefully makikita ko pa kayo sa iba ko pang stories. Sa mga nagbabasa na ng mga ito, thank you at hindi niyo ako iniwan. Sa mga hindi pa, hopefully you can check it:

LIVING WITH A HALF BLOOD – Werewolve-ish/ hybrid story about a girl, a mysterious old town, and the secrets behind the residents of Van Zanth. [Completed Story]

THE DEVIL'S TRAP - A vampire story about a girl trap in a contract to save her best friend's life. Will she be able to tame the devil? [On going Story]

THE JERK IS A GHOST – Fantasy/ Teen Fiction. A story about death, love, family, and second chances. Will Delia Salazar, the most ordinary girl in Jefferson High, save the Mr. Popular turned ghost, Ashton Montecillo?[Completed story]

SOMETHING SPECTACULAR - My first and last teen fiction story. A story that tackles friendship, the ups and downs of college life, family, and the importance of chasing your dreams. [Completed Story]

TITAN ACADEMY OF SPECIAL ABILITIES - Sister school ng Charm Academy (lol kidding) The story revolves around a school for students with special abilities, a survival game, and the consequences of taking the blame for a crime. If you enjoy reading Charm Academy, I'm sure you'll also enjoy this one. [Completed story]


MIRREN ACADEMY OF MAGES - This is my latest story and the third installment (lol) of my academy stories. It's about an abandoned town, a spell, a forgotten academy, a switch of time and place. All of this stories are available on my Wattpad profile, so I hope you can check them!

So I'll say goodbye for now. But you can always reach me or your co-readers by using the hashtags #CharmAcademy #JettRiela.

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So sana hindi pa ito ang goodbye natin. And as for all those people who supported this story from the beginning, you will forever be a charmer for me. Stay awesome and long live CHARM ACADEMY!

'Til the next story,


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