Authors Note:

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Hi there! This is my first story ever on Wattpad, so bear with me. Now on to the important stuff:

1. I don't own any of the Marvel characters, I only own my oc and the storyline.

2. I would suggest watching the Avengers movies and Spiderman homecoming, but I don't know why you would be reading this if you have not. I will put some Easter eggs in the story as well, and a special thing I do is go more in depth after important moments (You will see later on)

3. Please do not hurt me for this, but Pepper, Vision, and Wanda will NOT be in this story. I am so sorry, but those characters would impact the storyline, so I am not going to be able to include them

4. Every website says a different age for the characters, so I am making Peter (Parker) 17 years old

5. I have written most of this story already, so you will not have to wait to long

6. MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!

This story contains violence, and many other mature things. There are darker themes and many triggers used, so heres your warning. This book is NOT for the light hearted, but there is also fun! There will most likely be a trigger per chapter, but there will be fluff, ships, funny comments, and bonding time with the main characters! Also, I am terrible at math, so if things do not line up, I am sorry, I tried my best!

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