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If Isadora knew that working under Helen Cho and Stark Industries would include private appointments in Avengers Tower, she may have reconsidered taking the job offer. It felt far too much like her old 'job' with SHIELD, but then she thought about being able to put down a deposit on a house for herself and her mother, and decided to suck it up.

Even if her only real patients were superheroes who hardly ever needed her, at least the research and medical trials Sadie had been a part of throughout these months pushed her to her limits. And Steve was right- the longer she worked, and the more she proved her competency, the more Dr Cho trusted her with making important calls, and the more Sadie loved her job.

Now, she stood beside Cho and Agent Hill on the landing pad, awaiting the arrival of the Avengers. Sadie didn't know why she felt nervous, and resisted the urge to pick at her nails, instead smoothing down her doctor's coat and black Stark Industries scrubs, and tapping on the ID badge attached to her lapel.

"You said a trauma to the abdomen?" Sadie questioned, and Hill nodded.

"Nothing too serious, I hope," the brunette agent told her. "Agent Clint Barton, also known as-"

"Hawkeye," Sadie finished with a smirk as the Quinjet landed, sending rushes of wind their way. "I know."

"I suppose you don't live under a rock, then," Hill joked, and Sadie laughed falling into step with Dr Cho, as they approached the Quinjet.

Barton was wheeled out on a stretcher, accompanied by Natasha and two Korean paramedics, who addressed Dr Cho directly, as Sadie joined them and they rushed him into the building. She was barely able to catch a glimpse at any of the other heroes still aboard the jet.

"Nice to see ya, Sadie," Natasha said, with a smile, before turning to Barton who lay staring nonchalantly at the ceiling as they moved. "Clint, this is Doctor Moore. She's pretty good, so maybe if you dial back on the jackass a little, she'll fix you."

"In that case, it's a pleasure to meet you, Doc," Barton said, suavely, and Sadie couldn't help but grin.

"Pleasure to meet you too, Mr Hawkeye," she replied, immediately cringing at herself internally. If she was going to act this starstruck to all the others, she'd embarrass herself.

"It's weird seeing you in scrubs," Natasha said, casually.

Sadie raised an eyebrow as they approached the lab, and pressed the brakes on the stretcher after they moved it into an appropriate position. "Says the woman in a leather leotard."

"It's efficient," Natasha shrugged.

"It's also obnoxiously flattering, Romanoff, but I'm sure you knew that already," a voice sounded, and Sadie glanced up at the doorway to find Tony Stark walking casually into the room. She busied herself with helping set up Cho's equipment. "Is he gonna be alright?"

"Most likely," Cho answered, and that seemed to be enough for Stark who shrugged and turned to leave again.

"Tony, baby! Get me a drink, I'm thirsty," Clint called after him, in a joking tone. The archer was surprisingly energetic for a wounded patient.

"It's done!" Tony replied as he left, and Sadie caught a snippet of his conversation with a dark haired man who she didn't recognise. "...Unfortunately, he's still Barton."

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