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Adrian's POV

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Today is Friday and it's Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday besides Christmas and valentine day. So far i have loved being a teacher and it's great to hear that my students love me. I'm a cool laid back teacher but im only ok if you respect me. So last night i made my students goodies since it's Halloween.

This morning I wore some black skinny jeans and a happy Halloween shirt with cat ears and makeup. Kaden said i had looked cute. So after teaching, i told the kids that we were having a Halloween fair. I let them do whatever they want since it's Halloween plus all we had to do was a quick journal entry. Kaden and i have been going at it ever since I had my first heat.

We basically have sex every day and a few times too. Like every day he comes to my lunch and comes and eats with me and we always have a little quicky. It's been great and I love it because it connects us not just sexually but emotionally. I got home from work and I see that kaden is still isn't here so I take a quick shower and removed the makeup. I get out and wrapped a black fluffy towel and go into the room. I walk to the closet and grab a pair of black lacy set of bra and panties.

I brushed my teeth and straightened my hair and put it into a high ponytail. I put on a pair of black leggings and put on my Minnie mouse red dress and the ears. I get my makeup and applied red lipstick and red eyeshadow and mascara. I do some finishing touches "Wow baby you look hot" "thanks beautiful, i know i do" "ha i forgot to laugh but come on we have to go cuz we are setting up the booth" "Ok Minnie mouse let's go and you look stunning ad ever" i kiss him and i grab his hand and leave.

We get there and we start the booth. We got the dunking booth and of course kaden is getting dunked. During the whole fair, it was really fun. We had fun and ate crazy and sweet goodies. Kaden got dunked like 5 times and they were funny seeing his facial expressions. After the fair , we stayed and helped clean and we got home and i removed the makeup. I changed into kaden shirt. I went and got under the covers and he came and snuggled up to me. "I love you" "i love you too beautiful "

♡hope you like and i had written a longer version but it got deleted so i had to rewrite it. And Adrian's costume on top

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