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The clear, mirror like water of the sea moved in a tiny little wave, disturbing the reflection of the sunlight. A blow of breeze made her hair fly back, as she closed her eyes with an adorable smile, seemingly enjoying the sensation of breeze caressing her soft cheeks.

I dug my fingers in the sand underneath me, an act of forcing myself not to grab her face and plant a much needed kiss as I admired her every action. My eyes were locked on the side view of her face, automatically a smile grew on my face when hers was visible, as if a string in my soul was connected to her own.

"You know why I love the sea?" She asked, her voice sounded like one heavenly melody into my ears for how gentle and loving it was. I shook my head, informing her to go on.

"Because it washes away whatever you hold within yourself. It's great at listening. Exactly how a perfect friend would be." She admired the horizon, looking far to the sun that looked as if it was sinking into the depth of this blue, neverending space.

A sigh managed to find an escape from her lips, a little one that sounded like it helped her spill out her own mess of a mind. Then her gaze lowered from the horizon to my buried fingers. She pulled my hand away from my safety spot and placed it on her jeans clothed thigh, fidgeting with fingers briefly.

My internal worlds collapsed, crashed down entirely as I watched her. In one moment I felt like I was somewhere far, far away from here. I felt like angels from the heavens came for me, carrying me up to some place in their heaven in which I felt, divine. My tears threatened to fall, turning my sight into some underwater kind.

The world stopped spinning, time was paused at this very moment. Everything froze in place watching me as I travel up to the heavens and beyond. I didn't feel anything of my surroundings, except the touch of her fingers that kept supplying me with that feeling. Butterflies took over my stomach, turning it into a big space for their little wings to flutter freely, causing an unexplainable rush in me, this heart of mine couldn't function properly.

Her fingers were tangled with mine, I could feel the warmth of her palm radiating against my own. Then her thumb ran over my knuckles ever so soothingly that I nearly couldn't feel it, like a cloud stroking the back of my hand. These butterflies became harder to control with every time her skin came in contact with mine, the the rowdier they got, the harder it was for me to hide her affection on me.

"So next time, when you have a lot to throw behind, the sea can be your best option." After a long pause in which silence took over allowing the waves to become our only symphony, her gentle words were heard. Her eyes remained fixed on my hand, as if she was trying to get the details of my hands painted in the back of her head.

I kept myself unheard the whole time, I seemed to lose my voice, and become utterly unable to let out a word at the pleasant feeling of her hand in mine, the feeling of belonging somewhere, somewhere in her arms.

She didn't know about the disasters she causes in me every time a smile brights up her face, when she is around me it feels like my life is complete. I lose a bit of myself in her whenever I look at her lightly blue eyes. I can't look at her without getting those fantasies, when my eyes fall on her lips my mind starts creating images of how beautiful her lips would feel on mine, how perfect I love you would sound coming out of her lips. How more perfect she'd be if she was mine.

"I guess I have to go." She let go of my hand, and suddenly it felt like I was dropped into a dark forest in the middle of nowhere. The cozy feeling disappeared all of a sudden, as if the sea had swallowed it and let it rest at its depth.

I watched silently as she reached out to her black vans, then buried her feet inside of them, in preparation to leave.

But before she stands up, the space in between of us died out, I could feel her warm breath hitting the skin of my cheek before a pair of petal soft lips touched it in the form of an ever so soft kiss, as a silent goodbye. For a second it felt like it was an angel resting their lips on my cheeks.

The moment the tender skin of her lips met the skin of my cheeks, that heart rush came back out of the blue when I thought it finally died out within me, awaking my butterflies after I thought they finally rested peacefully, to my surprise they came back stronger, more lively than ever. I couldn't help that uncontrollable tiny smile that reshaped my face at the feeling of the butterflies eating up in my stomach, which caused a smile to become visible on her face once mine showed up.

Then she stood with a bit of struggle to hold herself up, grinning wide as she looked down at me. "See you." She softly uttered with her smile remaining the same, before she made her way away from me despite my silent prayers of her staying. I watched her disappear out of my sight with a smile of admiration, how perfect can someone be?

I fell back onto the sand, attempting hard to suppress the loud scream in me by biting on my lower lip. I wanted to jump around like I'm out of my mind, I wanted to shout as loud as I can that I love her, oh God I love her. But instead I just lied down, the palms of my hands blocking my vision, giggling in order to stop the happiness tears from streaming down my cheeks.

If this isn't heaven, what else can it be?

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