joseph - a night to remember (NSFW)

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( Requested by GlaizaAlcafaras ! ) 

Authors note! This story is gonna be on the NSFW side! If you're uncomfortable with lewd scenes or NSFW in general, this is your heads up! There is also racism in this, but not too harsh! Please remember the time era this was from, I absolutely do NOT condone racism or bullying in any way, shape or form.

July 4th, 1938. This night was gonna be possibly the greatest night of your life. The air was warm and the moon with the stars had been long out. Dressed in your best party clothes, a baby blue short sleeve button up and checkered mini skirt, you were hitting the block, jumping from one party to the next. Tonight, you just couldn't stay at home. Why stay at a boring adult party when you could be partying it up with the coolest cats on the block? This day had some sort of historical significance,  but you could give less a shit about it. To the youth, this was one of the biggest party nights of the year. Drinking, dancing, getting down in the sheets, that's what this night was all about, and you were gonna make the most of it.

In your mom's bright red Chevrolet were five of you. Yourself, Suzie Q, Caesar Zeppeli, Smokey Brown, and Joseph Joestar. Those four were your go to friends, your best friends, in fact. At one point or another, you all had just met up while at school, and a friendship circle had blossomed. You and Suzie, being the only girls in your friend group, were the closest and rarely left the other's side. If one girl was going through a rough time, the other would be there to back her up almost immediately. You two were like two peas in a pod, though there was a third pea that snuck his way in, being Joseph.

Joseph was arguably the second handsomest and most reckless of everyone in the group. He got detention the most of you five, and it was often for dumb reasons. Most of the time it was for getting into fights, but some of those fights he was either defending himself or defending one of you. Caesar was often harassed by girls fawning over his looks, and some of those girls were a bit insane in the membrane. Smokey got trash talked and looked down upon because of his race, which was something you five did not stand for at all. At times, the harassment against Smokey would be so cruel he wouldn't show up to school some days. Nevertheless, he kept that smile on his face, which relieved you all. You and Suzie, both being very pretty girls, got attention from a lot of boys, who most of the time had very catty girlfriends. All in all, Joseph was the group's shield.

As you five drove around town, looking for the next party, Suzie Q started giggling. Looking over to her, she cupped her hand to your ear and whispered, "Y'know, this could be your chance to get with Joseph~!" Your cheeks flushed a bright pink, and you lightly smacked Suzie's hand. "Suzie! We're just friends!" You whisper yelled at her, but she shook her head with a playful grin. "You don't need to lie to me, doll! I can always tell if someone's in love!" You two whispering caught the attention of the boys, who leaned in to listen. Instinctively, you both shut up, getting odd looks. "C'mon ladies, spill it! You both are keeping secrets from us!" Smokey spoke up, grinning that constantly happy grin. "Say it! Say it!" Joseph chimed in, flashing you both his best smile. "No way! This is a girls thing! Last I checked, you aren't one!" You retorted, but he continued pressing on.

 "Did you forget that one time I got into a club by dressing like one though?"

"You only got in cause you beat up the security guards AFTER they said they were gonna kick you out!"

"Aw come on, it's the same deal!"

Before you could respond, Caesar cut you off. "Jojo, can't you hear? They said no. Although.." He looked in the driver's mirror to the both of you in the back. "They'll spill at some point." That phrase sent shivers down your spine. For being one of your best friends, Caesar sure could send your skin crawling! Avoiding his piercing gaze, you turned your head to the street. "Are we nearly there yet? I wanna go dancing already!" You groaned, your restlessness was gonna be the death of you. Caesar hummed in response, slowing the car down and parking it in the next available spot. 

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