15. Adverse Ranting

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"We didn't even talk that much," Fraser said, fixing the chain of his fourteen-thousand-dollar Rolex watch (which was a price I totally did not look up after he left it on his nightstand last night). "Plus, I got more than him. So that makes it my win."

"Yeah?" I said, pulling my socks on. The rest of the cabin hadn't stirred yet.

Fraser folded his pajamas and stowed them away. "Whatever. Doesn't matter. I still hate him."

"But you've been talking about him for the past thirty minutes," I pointed out.

"It hasn't been thirty minutes. I can't talk for that long."

"You just did."

He grunted and ran his hands through his hair, pulling it down to cover the fading letters—to no avail, because his blond hair was so light, the tips looked transparent. But the F had completely disappeared. It now read "UCK."

"You could always borrow someone's makeup," I said, shuffling closer to the door.

"No. I'd rather not."

"What, you're scared to wear makeup?"

"Would you be surprised if I said yes?"

"Nope. I agree." I tugged at the sleeves of my jacket. We were heading for the beach, and I didn't feel like dying today, so I'd thrown it on first and foremost.

We entered the hallway. Fraser led us through a door on the opposite end of the hall: the auditorium, where counselors were supposed to meet in the morning. Fun.

Out of instinct, I broke away and started toward Isaac, who was hunched over and scrolling through his phone. He'd brought his headphones with him, too. Those darn headphones.

Someone tapped my shoulder. "Hey. Shouldn't we be sitting close to each other? Because we're partners?"

I spun around. I'd made it halfway to Isaac, who hadn't looked up yet (thankfully). Fraser stood with a hint of something rough in his expression.

"You can sit with us," I said.

Fraser blinked. "You know what? I'll be up front."

And he turned around and left. Just like that.

I fell into the seat beside Isaac's. He looked up, peeling the headphones off his ears and resting them around his neck.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," I said. "Fraser really hates you, huh?"

"It's mutual."

"You're not scared of hurting his feelings, are you?"

Isaac leaned back. "Of course not. I've got this under control, Ivy. Trust me. He started it, and I retaliated, which means he has something up his sleeve. I'm waiting for him to strike so I can plan my next move. It's sort of like chess. For immature people. Except instead of each move affecting the next, they all sort of pile up as things attacking you all at once. Does that make sense? I'm not making any sense, aren't I?"

"You talk too much," I said.

"You talk about me talking too much too much."

Before I could ask him what the heck he just said, the lights flickered on, and Alyssa took the stage. Beside her stood a girl with a shaved head and giant hoop earrings. She wore a yellow camp shirt. I'd seen her before, but I'd forgotten her name already.

"Everyone!" Alyssa said. Her cheeks glowed. "Eyes up here!"

The room fell silent. No more buzzing. No more gossip.

Alyssa shuffled her feet. "Today we're joined by the wonderful Pandora, senior counselor and arts and crafts specialist. She'll take you through the ups and downs of your day as a quick summary of what you should be expected to do. Pan, take it away."

The microphone passed from one hand to another. I tried to listen, I really did, but it got boring real quick. I'd already committed most of this stuff to memory. And this was a summer camp. Not school.

Finally, the meeting adjourned. I caught a glimpse of what Isaac was listening to: an indie band I couldn't care less about because I didn't listen to music.

I left the auditorium. I entered our cabin. I took a deep breath.


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