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"Please, don't avoid me."

That sentence keep lingering inside her smart head. Indeed, genius in school doesn't mean she's genius too in romantical thing. She rolled on her bed and squealed silently as she muffled her own mouth with her pillow.

"Did I avoid her? No!"

She rolled again to the left, "Oh c'mon stupid. You did avoiding her!"

Talking to yourself is one of the sign that your body and your mind is panic. That's what Mina feel now by herself with pillow on her hands. It's going to ripped out sometimes as she kept on biting it and throw it. Take it. And throw it again. After kicking her feet to the bed for numerous times, she just realized that she doesn't have the small girl's phone number. She raised her haid, "Should I contact her first?" again she rolled to the right, "No, I can't! She would think that I have the same feeling toward her!" she rolled again to the left squealing, confused what she had to do until she lost control and fell down to the cold ground, "Ack!"

She woke up sitting while rubbing her left hand that hit the floor first, "But, why do I feel like I have to contact her first?" she took her pillow from the bed and put it on the ground and just lie down there. She took her phone on her bedside table and contact Momo.


A little bit chewing sounds could be heard from the other line, "Uhm.. What?"

"Are you eating now? Finish it. Call me when you're done." as her bestfriend, she knew that if she ask for advice now when she's eating, she would just say yes or no. She's being too focused on her food. Moreover if she's eating jokbal.

"Don't worry. I'll listen to you."

"As if.." Mina scoffed and was about to hung up her call when Momo said, "It's about that small girl, right? Uhm.."

"How do you know?"

Sounds of chewing could be heard clearly from the other line, nom nom nom.

"God, just finish your food first."

"Okay okay, don't be mad princess. Haha. Fine, I'll put it aside for you."

Mina sighed and lie on her back putting the earphone to her ears as she predicted that this conversation would be long enough for her hand to be sore for holding her phone. Comfortably lying on the floor with blanket around her, she listen intently to her bestfriend.

"You were being so weird this 2 weeks, Minari. Don't you realize it?"

Mina just raised her eyebrows even her bestfriend couldn't see it, "No."

"Oh, c'mon. You're being nervous all the time. Confused, not focusing on your book like you always did. So not Mina." she said making Mina closed her eyes and just realized that she indeed did that these 2 weeks since Chaeyoung confessed to her.

"Why do you think I did that?" Mina asked while biting on her nails.

"I don't know? What if you ask yourself about it. Why did you do that? Just so you know, this is the first time you're being like this."

A moment of silence followed their call.

"Well, you're being like this whenever someone confessed to you BUT" she emphasized and had her stress on it so much that it's the most important word here.

"Not this long. Usually, it's only lasts for 3 days? But now, you spent your precious 2 weeks for this romance matter."

A whole 3 minutes of silence is coming back to their respective conversation here. "I think you know the answer, Myoui Mina." Momo said for the first time after that long silence.

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