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On that day, after Jungkook proposed to Lisa, both of them went to meet Ryo and tell him about their real engagement this time.

Both of them have successfully answered Ryo's irrelevant question and Lisa agreed to continue her marriage with Jungkook in Busan.

After they finally arrived in a subway station in Busan, Lisa spots her very long time sister, Eliza stood next to Namjoon with a displeased look on their face after seeing Lisa and Jungkook walk side by side while holding hands.

"Eliza?". Lisa mumbled as Eliza and Namjoon approached them and Jungkook also did realize that Namjoon has been staring at him in the entire time which he knew he was a bit disappointed seeing the woman he really loves with another man.

"So, this is your man, you're engaged?". Eliza said, looking at him then Lisa. But earning a stare from Lisa.

"You didn't tell me you're engaged? And you're not even answering my call?".

"Do you care?". Lisa asked her causing Eliza gasped in disbelief.

"I do care of you, Lisa一".

"If you did, you will not have an urge to left me".

"Lisa..". Eliza sighed and her voice filled with guilt and upset.

"Stop it, Liza. I don't want to hear any of your explanation. I'm sick of your stupid reason. You better get the hell out of here and enjoys your life in Australia!". Lisa spat and bring Jungkook along with her but then became halted as soon as Namjoon speak.

"We came here because we have an intention and we're not here because of nothing". Namjoon stated as he turned around and face both Jungkook and Lisa. "Lalisa. Eliza came here, I want your apology. Past is past and this is now". He stated causing Lisa stared at him.

Eliza wiped her tear left in her eyes before turning to face Lisa.

"Fine, I accept your apology. But, please don't comes to see me. Again". Lisa said, grabbing Jungkook's hand and walked away.

"Lisa!". Eliza shouted but Lisa ignored her and continue her walk with Jungkook.

"Let's get back to the train". Namjoon said, grabbing her arms.

"No! I have to talk to her!".

Namjoon sighs. "Liza, please listen. Lisa will never ever going to talk with you. She's not used to listening to your explanation anymore. Please..". Namjoon explained, gesturing her to continue her walk toward the train.

Even Namjoon also fed up with this. So, he has to let go through the feeling he had toward Lisa and let her do whatever she wants to do. All he can do is just accept the fate that he has now.

Leading Eliza along toward the train, Eliza can't help but feel disappointed. Urging to meet her sister from Australia to Busan was useless for her.


"You never told me, you have a sister?". Jungkook asked her.

All of a sudden, Lisa became halt in her track, leaving Jungkook stares at her in dumbfounded. "I have to go back to her". She said when she felt a realization hit her. She felt guilty after treating her sister like that.

"Why?". Jungkook asked.

Ignoring him, Lisa runs past him and go back to the subway station but she can't find Eliza and Namjoon whereabout. She's now late.

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