~Chapter1: Exposed~

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                                                  ~Chapter 1: Exposed~

     I slowly open my eyes to find nothing but darkness. I blink to try and clear my vision, no luck. I raise my hand to my head as if this simple gesture would take away the headache that pounded against my skull.

     I shiver as the memories come fludding back and I start to cry once more, only this time, no tears fall. And I know why. Because they are all dried on my face. I let out a loud scream that echoes in the darkness, and I double over in pain. 

     I rise to my feet only to fall on my face. A rush of wind hits me and I wrap my arms around myself trying to warm myself and to cover my exposed, bruised, and sliced flesh.

     No use trying to gather pieces of torn cloth that used to be my favorite shirt and skirt. I start as steadily as I can back to my house hoping that my roomate is home to let me in.


     I stumble onto the doorstep grateful that it is late and none of the neighbors are up to see me like this!

     I hear heavy footsteps from inside the house and a light turn on. The door flies open almost off its hinges and I see my roomate whose emotions on her face turn from anger to surprise to horror.

     "OH MY GOD BROOKLYN WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?!?!?" I felt a numbness come over my body and as my eyes rolled back into my head i collapsed and my head hit the cold stone ground.

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