four. going rogue

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- Mia James -

We were all in the Cortex and played games to test Barry's speed. Cisco was playing ping pong, Dr. Wells playing chess, Caitlin was playing operation while I sat at desk, relaxed and watched everything. '' This isn't even remotely anatomically correct''. Caitlin said to Barry. Barry then flashed over to Caitlin.'' That's not the point, Dr. Snow''. Then Barry raced over to Cisco. '' Then what is the point?'' Caitlin asked. '' To have fun''. Barry answered, playing ping pong with Cisco. '' And to continue your ongoing training by testing the speed of your mind by pushing your ability to multi-task''. Dr. Wells added. Barry raced over to Dr. Wells, moved a chess piece before he went back to Ping Pong. I watched as he made another move. '' I'm waiting on you, Dr. Wells''. I smiled as Barry went on to Ping Pong and operation. '' Checkmate''. Dr. Wells announced. Barry raced over to the chessboard, '' Wait, checkmate?'' '' Checkmate. I guess you still have a few things left to learn, don't we, Mr. Allen?'' Dr. Wells questioned. Suddenly we all heard the the computer, which started beeping. '' Armed robbery at 4th and Collins''. I announced to Barry. Barry walks over to his suit. '' For the record, I crushed it in Operation and Ping Pong'' '' It's not as easy as it looks''. Caitlin added. I looked over at my best friend, '' But Caitlin, it really is a easy game''. 


We were at the desk waiting for Barry, until we heard him over the comms. '' Where's the nearest hospital?'' '' St. Andrews. Seven blocks north, two east''. I answered. '' Call  the ER, tell them they have an incoming GSW''.


   Caitlin, Cisco and I were in the Cortex, before we stopped and heard Barry's voice. '' This is where my team monitors the police bands for criminal activity. We can track anything that's happening in the city. Check this out. We've got our own satellite''. Barry said to a very familiar person. Felicity Smoak. '' I know''. Felicity says, looking around. '' I've hacked into it from time to time'' '' Rude'' '' It is, of course, so wonderful to see you again, Felicity. I'm just wondering how much of our operation she needs to know about''. Caitlin said. '' I'm really good at keeping secrets''. Felicity said, before she noticed me. '' Mia, it's been so long''. I smiled, '' I know it has, Felicity'' '' Yeah, Felicity works with the Arrow''. Barry told Cisco, Caitlin and I, he then turned to me. '' Also, Mia knows the Arrow too'' '' Sweet''. Felicity turns to Barry. '' And you apparently are not'' '' Now it's all making sense. You know who the Arrow is. Wait, do you know who the Arrow is?'' Cisco questioned Barry. '' Uh...'' Barry said, shaking his head. ''Let's just say that my team has a similar set up, but with...more pointy objects''. Felicity answered. '' Welcome, Ms. Smoak''. Dr. Wells said, sitting in the Cortex entrance. '' The Dr. Wells?'' Felicity guessed. '' Please, call me Harrison, Felicity''. Dr. Wells insisted. '' Oh, you know who I am?'' '' Ranked second in the National Informative Technology competition at age 19, graduated M.I.T. with master's degree in cyber security and computer sciences. I know who you are. I keep an eye out for promising talent in scientific fields. That's what brought me Caitlin, Cisco and Mia and I foresaw great things from you'' '' Speaking of great things, want to see something cool?" Barry asked Felicity. Cisco, Caitlin, Dr. Wells, Felicity and I all went to the treadmill room while Barry was being a show off, running on the treadmill. '' How fast can he run?'' Felicity asked. '' He hasn't reached his top speed yet, theoretically speaking''. Dr. Wells answered. '' So is he really okay?'' '' His heart rate is within normal range for him''. I assured her. '' No, I mean, the lightning bolt changed him. Do any of you really know how much?'' '' We know a fair amount''. Cisco answered. '' If everything about is sped up, is he going to age faster? What would happen if he ran too fast? I mean, would he just be running, and then, poof, he's dust in a red costume?'' Felicity kept asking. '' Everything we do here at S.T.A.R. Labs is to protect Barry Allen. Trust us, Felicity, he is in very good hands here''. Dr. Wells answered. '' Want to see how fast I can run backwards?'' Barry questioned. I snickered as Barry ran backwards, only to fall backwards. Then Felicity looks over at me, '' Don't worry. He heals quickly too''. I said. 

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