Spider Yami X Reader PT2

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"Where are we going?" "You will see it just wait a little bit" he said while laughing at your cute behavior. You wanted to know where you were going but he is always quite. Then he stopped you look where he was looking and you wide your eyes. You were terrified. There were standing diva... Your grandmother and grandfather with guns. Yami growled.
"Let her go you monster!" your grandpa said angry... Your granny was crying and diva was jealous and angry. His sister was looking sad and scared. You jumped off and stand in front of him to protect him. "He is not a monster grandpa! Take that back!" you said angry. "Get out the way (Y/n)! I will kill it!" "You have to kill me first!" you felt a hand on your shoulder...he...was in his human form... But still he had amethyst and red eyes, his nails were sharp as hell... And his lower body was full black.(Just imagine like meliodas in his assault mode) He smiled  at you. You were surprised at his transformation. But then his eyes turned to red and he glared at them. My grandpa looked angry and shoot at him... But there was a hole at his body and it shoot through it. You were shocked... My grandpa looked scared, but still he shot many times at him like diva and grandma. But it just shoot through. You gasped when he had suddenly 6 arms and choked all of them. He lifted them to the air. He was going to eat them but"NO STOP! "you screamed. He stopped and looked at you... His teeths were sharp and he looked so creepy right now." If you do something to them... I will hate you and see you as a monster! "you said and collapsed om the floor while crying and closing your eyes. Then you felt someone lifting you in bridal style up. You looked at that person and it was yami. He smiled at you while crying. He kissed your forehead with full of love. You sighed in relief
You looked at them and saw there were looking at you. Diva was still angry. He shot Yami and it hit him this time. "NO!" yous screamed. He split blood,but then he ignored it and walked away with you in his arms. "BRING HER BACK!" Diva said and shoot him 3 times again. "YOU STUPID ASSHOLE STOP!" You screamed at diva.He looked shocked but still he wanted to shoot  him. But grandpa took his gun and threw it away . You looked at yami and cupped his cheeks. He was looking forward with no expression... After 30 minutes of walking he set you on the floor. He almost collapsed on the floor but you catched him. You started to cry. You saw a lake and walked there while carrying him with you. You placed him into the water so his wounds would stop bleeding. You took his head and placed it on your lap. Tears fell on his face. He opened his eyes and saw you crying. "I-It's all m-my fault... I-I-I am so sorry" you gasped surprised when he stroked your cheek gently. "Don't worry about me... My wounds will heal, i just need some rest." He said and stopped stroking your cheek. He hugged your waist and burried his head into your belly. You smiled and stroked his head. He closed his eyes and slept.It was now night... And you knew what will happen... Again... To him... You looked at the moon. It was shining so beautiful. The lake was glowing...it was so beautiful. You felt someone moving and looked down. Yami was going to wake up for sure and you will pee in your panties again... It's been 1 week since your journey to an place you don't know...he said he wants to surprise you... He is so kind and lovingly... But at night... He is creepy, scary, insane, a psycho and dangerous. His eyes turn to red and it glows... It would happen everytime when it's night. Since the first night when you cried, he would let you sleep first so you wouldn't be scared from him. But this time... He woke up and sit. He was still inside the lake. Your eyes were half closed. Just as you thought... He looks scary and creepy as hell. He looked and smiled at you. It's like he is an different person right now... Like he has two souls. Then he holded his head and screamed. You touched his shoulder but you regret it.He jumped on you and torned your clothes.

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