two. fastest man alive

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- Mia James -

Currently Cisco and I were in the Cortex, helping Barry, who was on his way over to a fire. Cisco then looked down at his tablet, noticing his missed turn.., '' Barry? Barry!'' '' What? Did I miss it?'' '' You overshot by about six blocks''. I informed. '' My bad'' ''You there yet?'' Cisco asked. '' What are you two doing?'' Cisco and I quickly shut down all the computers and turned to my half sister and half best friend, who was staring at Cisco and I, '' Nothing'' ''Who are you talking to?'' Cailtin questioned. '' No one''. Cisco answered. '' Are you two talking to Barry?'' '' Who?'' Cisco and I asked at the same time. '' Barry Allen? Struck by lightning? Was in a coma for nine months? Woke up being able to run faster then the speed of sound? Ring a bell?'' '' Nope, haven't talked to him'' '' Cisco, Mia there's fire everywhere! Cisco, Mia, are you two still there?'' Barry asked through the comms, making Cisco and I close our eyes as Caitlin looks furious, '' Everybody's out. What else you two got for me, Cisco, Mia?'' Caitlin went over to the comms, '' Barry, it's Caitlin'' '' Hey, Caitlin. How's your day?'' '' Get back to S.T.A.R. Labs. Now'' '' On my way''. Barry answered.


'' Have you three lost your minds? Who do you think you are?'' '' Well, I'm the eyes and ears, she's the brain, and he's feet''. Cisco said, pointing at Barry and I. '' This isn't funny. You could have gotten yourself killed. You can't be running around the city like some supersonic fireman''. Caitlin told Barry. '' Why not? This is what we talked about. Me using my speed to do good''. Barry told my sister/best friend. '' We talked about you helping us contain other people who might have been affected by the Particle Accelerator Explosion. Meta-humans. And aside from Clyde Mardon, we haven't found any'' '' People in this city still need help. And I can help them''. Barry said. '' We can help them''. Cisco corrected him. Caitlin turns to Dr. Wells, '' Will you please say something?'' Dr. Wells sat in front of Barry, '' I think what Caitlin is saying, in her own spectacularly angry way is that we're just beginning to understand what your body is capable of. Not to sound like a broken record, Mr. Allen I do caution restraint'' '' Dr. Wells, I doubt is how you got to be the man you are today'' '' In a wheelchair and a pariah. Lack of restraint is what made me these things. Know your limits''. I watched as Dr. Wells wheeled towards the desk, '' Don't expect me to patch you up every time break something''. Caitlin told Barry before she walks towards the desk, standing next to Dr. Wells. Barry turns to me, '' How have you known her for so long without going crazy?'' I shrugged my shoulders, '' I have no clue'' '' Hey, uh, anything happened out there today?'' Cisco asked Barry, '' The senors in the suit were kicking back, weird telemetry, like your vitals spiked for a few seconds'' ''Never felt better''. Barry answered. Cisco then passes Barry's phone which was buzzing. '' Hey, Joe, everything all right? I'll be right there. My day job beckons''. Suddenly Barry then runs out of the Cortex. '' When do you think he'll realize he didn't take his clothes?'' 


Barry had invited me to the Simon Staggs event. The two of us walked up to Iris and Barry introduced the two of us. '' Iris, this is Mia James. She's one of the people who helped me''. Iris shook my hand, '' Hey, thank you so much for what you did for Barry'' ''It's no problem'', I assured Iris, smiling. '' We sometimes handle those types of things at S.T.A.R. Labs''. I then heard people clapping, I looked and saw Stagg on the stage about to prepare his speech, '' I find it quite remarkable, having once been a timid freshman to be standing before you now, the Regents choice for man of the Year. While I appreciate the award, the real honor for me is knowing that my work in organ transference helps give people a second chance at life. Thank you all very much for coming'' '' Okay. All right, first things first. Simon Stagg's work in cellular cloning has led to huge advancements in the future of organ replacement''. Barry explained to Iris. Iris then grabbed glasses of wine and passed them to Barry and I, '' Are journalists allowed to drink on the job?'' '' Okay. If you are bored already, just wait till we get to the science behind cellular regeneration''. Barry said, while putting the glass of wine down. Iris then looped her arms with Barry, '' I have missed this, Barry. We haven't spent quality time together since you woke up from the coma'' '' Yeah, I've had a crazy few weeks. I know'' '' I thought maybe you'd been avoiding me because of Eddie. I know you think it's wrong, me dating my dad's partner, and--'' Barry cuts her off. '' No, that is not it. At all''. Iris then notice Stagg walking past us, '' Oh!Oh! Mr. Stagg, I was wondering if I could get a quote from you'' '' Not now, miss''. He said, before he walked away from Iris. '' I'll just make something up''. Iris said, before turning to Barry, '' So, what were you gonna tell me? You were about to say something''. Before Barry could answer we all heard gunshot echoed throughout the building with people screaming, I looked up and a crew with guns facing us. '' Quiet down!'' One of them shouts at us. '' All of you! Quiet!'' I grabbed onto Barry's arm, '' Oh, my god'' '' How considerate. You're all wearing your finest jewelry. Almost like you knew we were coming to rob you. Now everybody line up''. Everyone lined up and put their jewelry into a bag. Barry was about to go after them I put my hand on his chest. '' Don't''. I whispered. '' Freeze!'' I turn around and saw a security guard appearing out of nowhere, '' Drop your weapons''. The crew held their guns and pointed them towards the guard, then suddenly Barry disappeared from my side. I sighed, knowing that he had went and saved the security guard. '' Damn it, Barry''. I grumbled, before saying to Iris, '' Come on Iris, we gotta find Barry''. Iris went on one side of the building, while I checked outside. As I was outside I saw Barry laying on the ground, leaning against a dumpster. '' Barry, Barry!'' I called him, shaking him awake, he then opened his eyes. '' I turned around and you were gone. What the hell happened? Are you okay?" '' Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine''. Barry assured me, '' I went after him to try and get the plates. And I fainted'' '' Yeah and I don't faint on purpose. We're going to S.T.A.R. Labs right after this''.

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