one. particle accelerator explosion

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- Mia James -

My name is Mia James, I am like the baby sister to Cisco Roman, Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond, we're like a family. But I'm also an only child, my dad died in a car accident 16 years old, I mean my mom grew distant and she left, well she went to work with Caitlin's mom. I mean I see her occasionally but we're not that close anymore, not since my dad died. It changed her, she was never the same. But anyway, I am scientist along with my like-family I have known for them for a very long time . Harrison Wells is the inventor of S.T.A.R. Labs, everyone in S.T.A.R. Labs is working on the Particle Acceleration.

But before that could happen Harrison Wells had to make a speech first, once I got outside I saw a lot of people who came to the particle Acceleration. Me, Caitlin and a few others walked up and everyone started clapping for us, well, mainly for Harrison Wells. He got up to the podium and started his speech. '' Thank you. My name is Harrison Wells. Tonight, the future begins. The work my team and I will do here, will change our understanding of physics will bring about advancements in medicine. And trust me, that future will be here faster than you think''. As I stood by my best friend, I noticed someone running through the crowd.


Everyone went inside into the Cortex and I was currently hanging out with with Caitlin, her fiance Ronnie who is practically like another brother to me, other than Cisco. '' Tahiti?'' Ronnie asked. '' I know it's a long flight Ronnie but we can bing watch Orange is the New Black''. Caitlin told him. '' Oh, okay but what about Italy, pizza and wine and more pizza''. Ron whined. '' Yes but Italy doesn't have mai tais and a honeymoon isn't a honeymoon without mai tai''. Caitlin told Ronnie. '' Dr. Wells. The acceleration is promised and ready for Particle injection''. Cisco informed Dr. Wells. I walked over towards Cisco, who has also been one of my best friends for a very long time and so was Ronnie. They are all very protective of me, they treat like I'm their baby sister. '' Well. I feel I should say something profound like 'one small step for men'. All I can think to say is I feel like I've waited this day for centuries''. Dr. Wells said before touching the screen in front of him. '' That's it? I think they'd be a loud bang''. Cisco said. '' If there's a loud bang we'd all be in trouble''. Ronnie told him. '' Take it to the guy who built it''. I said, smiling at Ronnie. Ronnie was like an overprotective older brother to me. '' Ladies and gentlemen, we did it''. Dr. Wells announced and everyone in the Lab clapped, Ronnie and Caitlin kissed whilst I hugged Cisco. Dr. Wells opened a bottle of wine but then something weird happened. The wine was floating in the air, we all looked at it strangely before it falls to the ground by a bang. '' Was that a--'' '' A loud bang''. Ronnie finished Cisco's sentence '' There's an amonaly in the chamber''. Cisco said, looking at the computer. '' Ring structural integrity is holding''. I added. '' It started a chain reaction. We need to shut it down''. Dr. Wells announced. '' We can't from here. We'll do it manually''. Cisco pointed out. '' Go!'' Dr. Wells shouted. '' I'll come with''. Ronnie said. '' Ronnie, no''. Caitlin argued. '' I know how to operate the shutdown''. Ronnie told her. '' It's not safe''. Caitlin said. '' Cait, I have to go''. Ronnie said before kissing her and went down to the Pipeline followed by Cisco. After a few minutes Caitlin and I rushed into the Pipeline and saw Cisco. '' Where's Ronnie? Cisco, where is he?'' I asked him. '' He's still inside''. Cisco replied. Caitlin's eyes widen. '' What? Open the door'' '' I can't. We're in lock down mode''. Cisco replied, explaining to Caitlin. '' Cisco, we have to get him out or he'll die''. Caitlin told Cisco. '' Cisco, can you hear me?'' We heard Ronnie's voice coming from Cisco's radio. Caitlin quickly grabbed the radio, '' Ronnie, it's me'' '' Caitlin. Is Cisco there?'' Ronnie questioned. '' Yeah, Ronnie, I'm here. I'm listening''. Cisco replied through the radio. '' I adjusted the magnets to redirect the beam. To try and vent the systems so the blast goes up and not down''. Ronnie explained. '' I'll need to reset the particle parameters to compensate''. Cisco said, running as Caitlin passed me the radio. '' Cisco's doing it''. I informed Ronnie through the radio. '' There has to be another way out of there. You have to find it''. Caitlin said. '' Cait, the chain reaction, I can't reserve it. The doors need to stay shut to protect you and Mia''. Ronnie explained while Caitlin and I were tearing up. '' Are you still there?'' '' I'm here, with Mia''. Caitlin replied, trying not to cry. '' Caitlin, Mia, whatever happens--''. Ronnie was cut off. '' Ronnie!'' Caitlin and I yelled, tears falling down our faces. '' Ronnie!'' Caitlin shouts one last time.

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