Chapter 14: A day in the Life of Sabo and Ace!

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If there was one thing that would never change, it was Luffy's habit of getting into worlds of trouble without really trying.


But of course, she couldn't possibly be able to cause as much chaos as she had, if she hadn't somebody to learn from.


And of course, what makes a better role model then ones big brothers.

"Ace...Wait ACE! ACE NO!"

And so, we commence with a day in the life of our dear Luffy's big brothers, Ace and Sabo!


Of course, there is a limit to everything...

The Whitebeard Pirates are not responsible in any way, shape, or form for any damages (i.e. first degree burns, loss of limbs, mental traumatization as a result of certain members' actions. LOSE OF MANLY PRIDE.) that result in your stay aboard the Moby Dick. We hope you enjoy your stay, and please disregard any and all explosions that may be heard/felt while on board.

Warning: Do leave the younger children alone, as angering them may result in incurable injuries.

Thank you!

Aboard the Moby Dick-

It was a quiet morning aboard the Moby Dick, the sun high in the sky as everybody went about their usual business. A young girl, no older than seven, ran across the deck, weaving in and out and between legs of various crew members as she went in pursuit of one of her older brothers, Ace. Running past a crate however, had her finding said brother a lot sooner then she would have originally thought.


"SHH!" Ace hushed her harshly as he dragged her below deck.

"Oh, sorry."

"S'okay, but I need you to do me a favor."

"What?" a sadistic and crazed grin spread across Ace's expression as he cackled evilly to himself. If Luffy hadn't known her brother as well as she had, and for as long as she had, she would have probably run for the hills, that is if she had any single ounce sanity.

"We're going to play a little prank on Marco." Ace said, eyes twinkling in delight at the prospect of such a feet as seeing the normally cool and calm phoenix riled up. Luffy's face scrunched in doubt however, a feeling of doubt overcoming the majority of her senses. She had no doubts that whatever this prank was, would fail miserably, or get the wrong person.

"Ace, are you sure this is a good idea?" she asked as she followed her older brother to the kitchen.

"Luffy, when in our lives has any of my ideas been good?" Ace paused in thought before putting his hand up, halting any reply his little sister would've made, "Actually, don't answer that."

"Ok..." the older boy nodded, happy with his younger sister's compliance.

"And hey, if you help me, I'll make sure to get you meat from the kitchen!" Ace said, knowing she wouldn't hesitate at the prospect of her favorite food.

"Mmh..." Luffy wasn't so sure this might be a good idea, and therefore was hesitant on helping for once in her life.

"Ok, I'll also see if I can't get Pops to participate in one of your tea parties again."

"Triple the meat and you have yourself a deal." Luffy said, shaking her brother's outstretched hand.

"Well, let's get started then." Ace said as they both disappeared into the kitchen.

With Sabo-

A young boy walked down the hallway, stomach demanding a snack as he headed for the kitchen. Opening the door, he was met with a very unexpected greeting, that of a pie to the face. Slightly shocked, he took an unintentional step forward, and his foot landed something that began to roll. The next couple of minutes, was something akin to the prank in the movie "The Parent Trap".

"SABO!" he heard his lovable little sister call out in worry when he finally hit the floor, covered in honey and chicken feathers, and something that wiggling around in his underpants that he wasn't so sure he wanted to check. Swallowing his fear of what he might find, he reached into his pants, hand wrapping around something soft and fluffy as he pulled out a squirrel. His eyes narrowed as he caught the uncontrolled laughter of his brother Ace, rolling across the floor in amusement.


"Haha! Well we didn't get the person we wanted to originally, but that was still funny!" Ace said, obviously proud of his achievement.

"Ace..." Luffy said, tone warning as she tried to get her brother to calm down and apologize for the accident.

"Oh come on Luffy, you and Sabo have to admit that was funny!"

"Ace it's not a matter of it being funny, it's the matter of the fact that Sabo is obviously upset at you for the prank, you need to apologize."

"Oh come on Luffy, Sabo, it wasn't that bad!"


"Luffy, stop. Words are a waste on that pea sized brain of his...He needs to be taught hands on that he needs to apologize." Sabo said, the last part coming out quite strained as he dropped into a battle stance.

"Oh! Is that a CHALLENGE that I hear coming from that mouth of yours brother dearest?" Ace said, voice utterly teasing with amusement as he cackled madly. An equally sadistic grin wormed its way onto Sabo's face as well as the two began to circle each other almost threateningly.

"Uh-oh...MARCO!" Luffy called as she ran out of the kitchen in search of one of their father figures.

"A vast ye, ye lowly land lubber!"

"Is that even proper English Ace?"

"Screw proper English, we're pirates!"

"Oh so we can throw science out the window as well?"

"Science is knowledge, knowledge is power, power is money, money is time, time isn't forever."



"Mio caro fratello, tu sei la pazzia al suo culmine. Non etiam Impellet Down posset tenere te superesse!"

"Wait what?"

"Eh, Luffy rett, er du ikke en flere språk person."


"Ah poor baby!"

"That's it!"



With Luffy and Marco-

"Well there goes the kitchen..."

"Thatch is going to murder Ace and Sabo..."

"This is probably going to be the most irresponsible thing I've ever done, but how about fly out of here, and go out to eat for the day, and maybe the rest of week."

"Sure, you could use a vacation."

"A vacation does sound pretty nice...I'm sure Pops can handle this mess."

"Of course, Momma Marco."

"For the last time brat, quit calling me Momma."

"But Thatch said..."

"Yes, and I'm going to kill Thatch later for that."

"You think the readers will forgive the authoress for stopping here?"

"Probably not, but she doesn't know how else to end it. And besides she's running out of ideas. Plus she just had us break the fourth wall."

"What's a fourth wall?"

"I'll explain it later."

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