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On the Moby Dick-

The deck of the Moby Dick was silent with tension. Full to the brim as it was, all the sailors were high-strung. Perfectly natural, considering who was currently trapped below decks with the youngest member of their crew. Truly Monkey D. Luffy, the infamous Pride-Killer, had a strange taste in guests. Especially considering it was a bunch of marines she was holding captive at the moment. Speaking of which, a particularly girly scream that was not coming from a girl by any means, caused several to jump and one more to nearly kill over from almost having a heart attack.

Below Decks-

Lucci swore loudly as he again attempted an unsuccessful escape, furthering angering an already impatient nine year old who was holding them all hostage pretty much. Things did not look safe considering who she had in her clutches at this very moment; Three marine admirals, a fleet admiral, and enough marines to form a Buster Call; plus one CP9 member, Gecko Moria (again), and an all too willing Donquixote Doflamingo who was cackling maniacally at their predicament obviously unperturbed at being forced to wear a frilly girly dress. She had even managed to get his bird friend in a tiny tutu and tiara.

"For. the. last. time...STAY THE HELL STILL!" Luffy barked as a mysteriously appearing frying pan made contact with the top of his head again.

After some fighting and having to chuck Lucci and several unwilling men (Akainu and Sengoku), everybody was finally in some form of frilly dress that had bright unnatural colors that had several twitching in annoyance.

What was worse was that she had taken all of the ones who were resistant's clothes and had them burnt by the walking fire hazard that was her older brother. So they were forced to stay put in the room and "play" with her until she decided otherwise.

This child was an insane little demon.

Luffy's Perspective (from third person)-

Luffy couldn't help but sigh. Finally FINALLY! She was done with getting everybody ready for the tea party. Why some of them had to be so difficult she had no idea. Tea Parties were fun, and she could never understand why somebody wouldn't want to play. She had finally gotten everybody dressed up, make-up crudely applied (it wasn't her fault they wouldn't hold still when she was applying it they wouldn't hold still.) Now it was time for the party to start.

"Milady Luffy, Miss Kitty is trying to run away again." Or not...Blast that Miss Kitty! He needed to stay put! Luffy turned just in time to see the one known as Miss Kitty turn the corner and disappear down the hall. Luffy growled threateningly as she went to the door.

"Miss Flamingo, you are in charge while I am gone. If ANY of you are caught outside of this room before I get back with Miss Kitty, Milady Luffy, will not be happy..." And with that Luffy slammed the door shut, and went on hot pursuit of the wayward guest who just wouldn't stay in the room! What was wrong with her tea party that Miss Kitty did not want to participate in, hm?

"Oh Miss Kitty! GET YOUR BUTT BACK HERE!" Luffy threatened as she disappeared down the hall. The following pursuit was quite a sad sight to say the least.

"Miss Kitty" was found not five hours later, after hiding in fear in a closet in one of the rooms aboard the ship, it was quite a humorous sight, if it weren't so sad and pathetic. Especially when Luffy dragged "Miss Kitty" back, claws dug in as far as they would go in the wood and scratching defiant marks that would never come out, a distinct reminder to never, ever try running from one of Luffy's tea parties.

When she got back, things got even worse for those who were participating against their wills.

With Luffy having an extremely short temper (a rarity in and of itself), things were not just high-strung now, they were dangerous.

Luckily not everybody was resisting the normally so innocent game. Aokiji and Kizaru were sleeping and sipping their tea respectively, the other marines were scared for their lives so they behaved, and at some point she had added two pirates by the names of Don Krieg and Kuro, who were both silently shaking in their boots as Luffy gave them cold, warning glares to not make her day any more difficult than what it had already become.

The day ended on a very calm note though despite the dangers of a short-tempered nine year old.

The next day was about five hundred more humorous.

Some lucky fool had managed to get pictures of Luffy's Tea Party and now they were in the newscoos and the Grand Line Times. The marines would forever be the laughing stocks of the sea.

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