Chapter 11: More Tea Parties!

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On the deck of the Moby Dick-

One thing the Whitebeard Pirates would never understand was their youngest sister's ability to take full grown men, and make them play tea party with her. Said game had become a rumored threat in very short time among their ranks, and had rightfully dubbed in all men's minds as "Luffy's Deadly Tea Party". Deadly, that is, in that it killed whatever pride you had, crushing it mercilessly as she giggled innocently while serving tea and cookies she had Thatch make for her..."Guests".

Another wonder was how she managed to get off the ship without anybody noticing until she was long gone. This time, she had disappeared into the East Blue, from what Shanks had heard, which was coincidentally found her playing tea party with four very unlucky men. Three of which were Shichibukais, and one was Shanks old friend. Those poor, poor, poor fools. Luckily Shanks had a camera on hand so he was taking pictures while waiting for them to come and pick her up.

On an unnamed island in the East Blue-

Shanks was having a very difficult time containing his laughter right now...A really difficult time. Now normally a man would think that with a bunch of deadly and fearsome pirates glaring death at you would cause you to be very quiet. Normally that was indeed the case.

But the effect was totally lost if you were either Shanks, or those glaring death at you were wearing very frilly, very girly, dresses, and crudely placed make-up. Especially when it was below freezing, in the winter, and you were sneezing your brains out every five seconds. It especially didn't help that there were high standing marines around watching as you sipped tea and talked in a stereo typical British accent.

What was even funnier, was that one of them, a crazed Shichibukai by the name of Doflamingo, was currently arguing with a nine year old over which was a prettier color, pink or red.

Speaking of which...

"No it's red!"

"No pink!"






"Don't look at me..."


"Why do you go to me!"

"Which is better, pink or red? Choose carefully."

"*gulp*" And Shanks had never once thought it was possible for a nine year old to look so threatening when dealing with a pirate five times her own size. Yet low and behold, Luffy, the adoptive nine year old daughter of the famous Edward Newgate, had Buggy the Clown quaking in his boots, or rather red high heels at the moment.

"Um...Both?" Luffy glowered, Doflamingo sneered, and then somebody brought up the dresses they were wearing (lord only knew why Doflamingo was enjoying this so much...) and things just got ridiculous.

"My dress is prettifull!" (yes Luffy just said prettifull.)

"No mine is!"








"*Gasp* How dare you!"

"I dare do whatever I like!" Luffy finished looking quite proud of herself. Bartholomew Kuma had sat there whole entire time sipping his tea and reading his bible during the whole argument, just silently suffering through his former boss' daughter's game. He was taking it well, a true show of his loyalty for Dragon.

"If it helps, both of you have very pretty dresses." He said calmly to try and even out the disagreement. Luffy and Doflamingo looked at him, the latter with a huge insane grin on his face, and finally simmered down enough to stop arguing over their looks.

"Thank you Miss Kuma!" Luffy said cheerily, falling back into her game whilst Doflamingo laughed his head off at their predicament. He found it quite humorous that a little girl could convince and threaten three fully grown men into playing tea party with her, he having joined in out of boredom and a whim. It was turning out to be quite fun.

Finally Crocodile, yet another Shichibukai she had convinced to play with her, got up, sick of being humiliated, and attempted to leave the game early. Bad idea considering that though she was just nine years old, and horribly cute, Luffy was not one to be refused a playmate.

"Where do you think you're going Miss Crocodile?" Luffy asked in a cold tone, the air around her turning quite chilly, and she was coming off as very scary.

"Home! I'm not about to sit here and be humiliated by a little demon gir-Urk!" He didn't get to finish as he found himself in the clutches of a very pissed off child, smiling in a very disconcerting way, one that spoke volumes without her having to even make a noise. Crocodile sweated, and after apologizing in favor of keeping his life, head, and all other important body parts, including those kept private usually, and sat back down in his given seat obediently.

Luffy immediately cheered up and sat back down, while Doflamingo laughed his head off in amusement that a child could effectively threaten a grown man without saying a whole lot.

"So Miss Buggy, would you like more tea?" Buggy nodded, his fears of the demonic she-devil increased tenfold after that little show, and he held out his tea cup for her to fill. Kuma seemingly remained unaffected, though if you listened close enough, you could hear him mumbling something along the lines of "Yes, she is definitely her blood father's child..."

That afternoon-

The Whitebeard Pirates were dying of laughter after having heard of their little sister's destruction of certain grown men's pride. She was truly living up to her childhood nickname of the "Pride-Killer". She was already plotting who next to have tea with, and she was also thinking of going to go and visit Shirohoshi and Perona, and have tea with them also. They didn't whine and cry about being put in pretty dresses, Vista, Iva-chan, and Doflamingo being the only three who had promised to play with her again. The others were just no fun! And Hawky-chan hadn't visited in a while!

Marco himself was still recovering from the M'lady Moria incident, as it had been so lovingly dubbed by the crew, and wound up almost busting a gut laughing at the havoc and destruction Luffy wrought.

Yes, his little sister/daughter was indeed very amusing.

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