Chapter 10: To show I care!

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In the Kitchen-

It was still early in the morning, much earlier then anyone, even Marco, was normally up. But today was special. It was Father's Day, and Luffy and her brothers wanted to do something really special for the two men aboard this ship who had so carefully raised them up until now, putting up with Luffy's hectic disappearances, Ace's constant narcolyptic and pyromaniacal tendencies, not to mentioin Sabo's bad gambling habits, which summarily wound up with half the crew bankrupt with all their money in his pocket. And then there were the times when Luffy, Ace, and Sabo got into fights, which usually ended with none of them remembering what it was about to begin with.

Marco especially deserved it, as he was the one who put up with Luffy's antics for a whole four years before finally snapping, and summarily fainting. He was the picture perfect definition of a Mother Hen at that point in time, so suffice to say, he needed a break. That was six months ago, and coincidentally, the same amount of time it had gone with the biggest disaster to hit the ship being Luffy and Ace's inability to NOT fall over board for any given amount of time.

And so again, that was why they were huddled in the kitchen, plotting what they thought would be the best Father's Day ever!

Their roles were actually quite simple.

Ace was to distract everybody, while Sabo took over the dining room and gave it some semblance to a party. Luffy was going to cook, which meant Ace also had to keep all the cooks, including Thatch, out of the kitchen. And distract Marco and Whitebeard from coming in too early. So all in all, Ace was the one who was allowed to complain the most, as his job was going to be the most difficult. Luckily for him, he was good at distracting people, the one time where his pyromaniacal tendencies and narcolyptic fits did come in handy.

"Ok! We understand what we're supposed to do right?" they all nodde at Sabo's question. "Good, break!" And they all scattered, leaving the now nine year old Luffy to rummage through the kitchen despite her small size. While her 15 (Ace) and 16 year old (Sabo) brothers went about their jobs.

With Sabo-

Sabo had managed to so far, get everything he needed to decorate the dinning room. Sometimes he was just really, really glad for his Devil Fruit ability.

"Ok! Just a little bit more, and then things will be set. Hope fully Luffy hasn't caused a disaster in the kitchen yet..." And with that he teleported back into the supply closet to get the rest of the decorations.

With Ace-

Ace was just standing about when he remembered something. Marco woke up early, really early usually, and that was partly because of his Devil Fruit. What helped was his alarm clock though. He had to turn that off, so that Marco wouldn't wake everybody up, and increase the chances of ruining the surprise.

"This is gonna be difficult..." Ace thought as he made his was towards the Phoenix's room. Hopefully he wouldn't gutt him for coming in uninvited. "I wonder how Sabo and Luffy are doing?" he said to himself absently.

With Luffy-

Luffy was glaring at the cubboards quite determindly. She hated that she was so short sometimes. Sure being nine years old had it's perks, but sometimes the height was just plain annoying. She could reach the top most cover...At least not without using her Devil Fruit powers...Yeah, sometimes even she had to admit she was horribly slow.

"Shishishi! How can anything possibly go wrong?" She really shouldn't have jinxed them like that.

With Sabo-

Sabo was trying to set up some decorations when he heard something...People!

"Blast it all!" And with that, he teleported everything in the room that didn't belong away with himself.

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