Chapter 9: Fishmen Island Adventure!

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The Moby Dick-

Marco was sweating bullets. Now if you did not know the full extent of the Whitebeard Pirates, and hadn't updated yourself on their numbers, you would never figure out why the man was panicking like he was, unless you asked. Of course that would be at the risk of you getting yourself violently gutted by the man in the midst of panic. But of course, if you knew the man, and you knew everybody that was in his crew currently, you would know that one particular, and well-loved, eight year old little girl, had disappeared on the poor Phoenix, once again.

Now this wouldn't be a problem normally, because all Marco had to do really, was wait at the very most a day normally, and she would be back, more or less unharmed. But that was normally. This was not a normal situation when it came to Monkey D. Luffy, the currently MIA aforementioned eight year old. Oh no, because normally, Luffy would never leave her precious straw hat, which she had gotten as a present from said Phoenix who was currently working himself into a hernia, and was even approved to keep it safe, by the very man Marco had swiped it from during one of their few confrontations. It had really been to see if he could get the man riled up enough to yell at him, but that is a story for another time.

Little she may be, but Luffy was a demon even Whitebeard was afraid of when you messed with Boshi, as she had so lovingly dubbed the straw hat. The little girl never went anywhere without it, no matter how dangerous the situation no less. But that was normally. And today was far from normal. And it was only 6 a.m. in the morning.

The day had started out normal enough, or as normal as it can get on the Moby Dick, the Whitebeard Pirates flag ship. But the instant they knew something was wrong, or should've known, was when Ace and Sabo, Luff's adopted older brothers and fellow Devil Fruit users, were up and about searching frantically about for something that had appearently and unwittingly gone missing. Now that should've set off every red alarm possible in the Mythical Zoan's head, but he dismissed it, it being far too early for the man to really think about it. What with it being four o' clock in the morning. Oh, but then again the time itself should have also been a good alert that something was off, as the two boys were never up this early. But then he could pass it off as their narcolypsy screwing up their sleeping habits again, especially Ace's.

So Marco continued with what he usually did in the morning, completely ignoring the boys. He figured that since the boys were up, Luffy probably was as well, but that also should have set off a bunch alarms in his head, as Luffy had a habit of glomping onto Marco's leg in the morning. In fact the first thing he usually came out of his own room to, was Luffy tackle hugging him. Sometimes she even managed to knock him off his own feet, sometimes. Luffy never forgot to do that in the morning, not once. So it should have seemed quite strange that Marco had managed to make it to the bathroom to take a shower, without Luffy tackling, or even being seen, once. When Marco finally got out of the shower, and was thinking clearly enough to know that something had to be up, as he had not seen hide nor hair of said little girl yet, he set off toward her room. After all, if she wasn't up already, maybe she was asleep, and had somehow managed to keep that way without getting up to glomp him once.

What he came to find, or rather not find, was very worrying. There was Luffy's straw hat, and all of Luffy's clothes were still in place. But there was no Luffy. And Luffy didn't even move an inch from her own bed without that hat. So Marco went to go and pick it up. He turned it over a bit thinking to himself, and then proceeded to go on a search for the now missing Luffy.

He had a slight conference/interrogation of Ace and Sabo, and after they were finished, Marco set into full-blown panic mode, running about the ship looking for the appearently and officially missing Luffy. The tohers had taken notice quite quickly, and thanks to none of them seeing Luffy at all in the short time that the crew had been up (Marco made sure to wake them all up early, though occasionally he "forgot"), that Luffy was missing, again, and they had zero idea where she was.

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