Chapter 8: Tea with Hawky-chan!

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The Moby Dick-

Mihawk was wondering how he had gotten ropped into this by Shanks. He was starting to think the man may have been plotting against him with the Whitebeard Pirates. He may not have been that far from the truth. He was now trying to figure out how he had gotten himself into this mess. He had gone to visit Shanks and request a duel, and the next thing he knew he was on the Moby Dick, being dragged threw the halls by an overtly excited seven year old who had gained some strange attachment to him. He silently cursed that blasted Phoenix as he remembered the man convincing the girl to leave him be, and drag Mihawk into whatever game the child wanted to play instead. Said little girl was gabbering on and on about something that she found quite exciting, while Shanks and the others partied their lazy butts off. If he remembered correctly, the girl's Luffia, but she preferred being called Luffy.

Luffy on the otherhand, was absolutely ecstatic to have her best friend Hawky-chan visiting, and playing with her. He seemed a bit reluctant though, why she had no idea. They were going to play a really fun game after all! Maybe it was because Shanks wasn't playing with them? Oh well, by now, and it had been no less then five seconds since they had seen him, he was too drunk to play with Luffy and Hawky-chan, let alone stand on his own two feet. And Marco wasn't much better, neither were her older brothers or Whitebeard. On the brightside, Vista had volunteered to play with the three of them. Vista had played this game before, along with a good majority of the crew, everyone had pictures from everyone else's turns at the game. Even Marco and Whitebeard had played at least three times! She had convinced Thatch to play five. How she had found constumes big enough to fit them she couldn't remember, but she had done it!

So here she was, dragging Hawky-chan through the halls and to her room, Vista a little ways behind them. Luffy reached a room and opened the door. She shoved Hawky-chan inside, followed by a willing Vista, he had learned to not fight the girl when it came to getting in the room, as she got you in there whether you wanted to or not. Luffy then demanded with utmost authority, shocking for a seven year old, that they stay put and wait. She closed the door and locked it, causing Hawky-chan to get slightly nervous. Vista reassured him that she'd be back, if she didn't forget they were there that is, as she sometimes got sidetracked.

A good five minutes or later, the click of the door signaling that it was being unlocked, and the door was open. Luffy stood there with what seemed to be a pile of cloth, and dumped them, unceremoniously on the floor. She grinned, and then closed the door again, giving them a time limit, and a warning,

"I'll be back, in TWO HOURS! If you are NOT in your party clothes by the time I get back, you will be in them then!" She declared happily, leaving whatever threat she would have used on the unwilling Hawky-chan to float in the air, and closed the door locking it again. Hawky-chan stared at the bright and colorful pile, while Vista just walked up, and shuffled through it. Appearently the pile was actually clothers. A specific type of clothes. Hawky-chan shook his head, and Vista offered some friendly, and highly experienced advice,

"It's either you get in one of them willingly, or she forces you into it. I suggest you go with willing, because either way, she gets you in them. And running away won't help. She's tenacious, she'll find you, and then she'll force you into it." Vista gave him a sympathetic smile and just put the outfit on. Hawky-chan sighed dejectedly, and not feleing up to fighting with an appearently evil seven year old, with no sympathy for the opposite gender, put the outfit on, reluctantly.

Back on Deck with the others-

"So what game is Luffy going to play with Mihawk and Vista exactly? A lot of you seemed very reluctant to participate." All the Whitebeard pirates looked at each other, imagining the unintentional torture Mihawk was about to be put through, and Thatch spoke up, answering,

"Let's just say that by the time Luffy's done with the poor man, he won't have any pride left. Let's go get a camera and take pictures!" Thatch's tone did a 180 and everyone cheered in approval, dragging Shanks to see the disaster that the seemingly harmless seven year old was about to reek on the fearful swordsman.

Back with Mihawk and the others-

Luffy had come back for them, and was now dragging the two to the site for their little game. Though Mihawk was starting to debate he'd get from the demonic child. Probably not far, she knew the ship better then him afterall.

"We're here!" Luffy sing-songed happily as she opened the door. Hawky-chan's eyes widened in fear, and he tried to runaway while he still could. He didn't get far, barely a step actually, and was now running in the air as Luffy held onto his new outfit. In the center of the room, which was littered slightly with toys, was a small, wooden table. On the table was were four sets of silverware, including plates and cups. In the center was a small vase with some island flowers in it, and in one of the chairs was a teddy bear in a princess dress. Luffy grinned cheerfully as she dragged a helpless Hawky-chan and forcebly sat him down on one of the empty chairs. Vista sat in another, and Luffy sat at the only one left. 'What did I do to make you hate me so much, God?' Hawky-chan thought ruefully as he sat there brooding. Luffy stood up and then declared happily,

"OK! Time for Tea Party!" Luffy's eyes were sparkling with a childish glee as Hawky-chan groaned pathetically, wishing he was dead at the moment. As Hawky-chan brewded and Luffy passed out her invisible snacks, while Vista played along shamelessly, the door opened slowly.

They all turned around when they saw a sudden and blinding flash. In the doorway was both the Red-Haired Crew's captain and the remaining commanders. They all snickered, and sniffed, chuckled, and then it turned into full blown laughter. Hawky-chan groaned as his head hit the table,

"God, if you have any mercy, you will kill me now!"

A good week later-

Luffy had pouted insistently after Mihawk's last visit, as he refused to set foot on the ship again after that, at least until his pride recovered from the severe blow. Currently, the commanders, led by Marco were developing photos from that fateful day. The pictures could finally be seen, and it was admittedly quite disturbing.

The fearsome Mihawk, was sitting in a small chair glowering at the table in a pink, frilly, dress, with a tiara on his head, curtesy of Luffy, both he and Vista were wearing ungodly amounts of make-up. Yep, it would be a while until Mihawk next visited again, as his pride might not ever recover from that blow. Luffy appeared at the doorway, and tugged on Marco's arm to see the picture,

"Waht do you think, Luf?" The little girl inspected the picture silently, with a critical eye before stating her opinion,

"Vista was right. I should have used the Strawberry Pink Blast lipstick, not the Red Summerbreeze afterall!" the whole group near died from laughter. It only got worse with Luffy's next staement, "But still, Hawky-chan looks pretty!" The crews laughter could be heard all the way to the East Blue.

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