Chapter 7: Getting Luffy Back!

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A snowy mountain north of the Red Line-

Shanks sat, having just finished a rather hectic party with his crew. Of course that did not continued for long as Mihawk showed up.

"Hey there Hawk Eye, come here for another duel?" he asked in a rather joking matter, but quickly became serious when Mihawk shook his head in disagreement.

"Then what are you here for?" he asked. Mihawk answered,

"There's a young girl that has appeared on my island. I think you may know her, as she was holding onto your straw hat, or what used to be yours anyways." he stated. Shanks blinked in shock, before asking,

"Looks to be seven years old? Black hair? Really friendly?" he asked. Mihawk gave him a slightly weird look before answering,

"Yes, yes, and no. That child was far from friendly, considering the fact that she kept trying to fry me everytime I got too close. Plus she was all but flooding the surrounding area with large amounts of Haki." he blanched at the man's shocked face. "You didn't know she could use that did you?" a nod of the head confirmed that suspicion. Mihawk sighed slightly before speaking up again,

"Well, since you seem to know the girl, I would prefer it if you got her off my island quickly." He jabbed his thumb in a random direction to emphasize the point, that no matter how serious the man was, he didn't want to deal with children, especially small ones. "Who is she anyway, and who exactly does she belong to?" Shanks sighed slightly before answering,

"Her names Luffy, but I'm shocked, Luffy's never gone that far past the Red Line before. Yeah she gets lost on occasion, but never that far out an-"

"I highly doudt that child's lost. More like runaway from home." Mihawk interjected, once again blanching at the man. Shanks blinked again, before sighing. He stood up and motioned for the swordsman to follow.

"Where are we going pretell?" he asked as they headed toward one of Shanks' smaller ships. Shanks boarded it, and then turned to face the man before answering.

"You're going to go home, and keep on eye on Luffy. I am going to tell Whitebeard that his youngest daughter's current where abouts, as I highly doudt the man hasn't noticed the girl's absense." he stated, adding on as an after thought, "Knowing him, he's all but tearing the Grand Line apart trying to find her, and if he isn't Marco sure as Hell is." he sighed as the two parted ways, Mihawk sighed as he and the red haired pirate split up for the time being, he knew he'd seen him soon enough. For now, he'd have to deal with a very angry seven year old.

At the Moby Dick-

To say that the man was shocked would have been like saying the Earth was small when compared to yourself, a really big understatement. the whole of the Moby Dick was in chaos! Several commanders were floudnering about and the ones that weren't, were getting close to following. Shanks managed to grab hold of one man and questioned him to the cause. The answer was a hysterical scream,

"AAAAHHHHH! ACE AND SABO ARE GONNA KILL US ALL, AND IF THEY DON'T MARCO WILL!GAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Shanks sighed as a resounding crash echoed throuout the entirety of the ship, and released the panicking pirate. How a 13 and 14 year old managed to cause such chaos was beyond his current understanding, but oh well. Time to find Whitebeard and tell that he found his daughter. And he should probably try to calm down the three boys before they wreck the ship.

He found Ace and Sabo on the way to Whitebeard, and just as he had been told earlier, the two were causing quite the mess at the moment. The two turned on him, glaring with the promise of murder if he didn't disappear or something soon. Shanks just grabbed the two by the back of their shirts and carried them along with him, thrashing during the whole trip.

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