Chapter 6: Not so Helping and Running Away!

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On The Moby dick-

Aa-Aa-AACHOOO! The whole ship shook as the gigantic sneeze resounded quite loudly. Luffy blinked in shock as she quietly went up to her big brother Thatch, as she had not seen Pops all day, and that sneeze had sounded an awful lot like him.

"Thatch-nii, where's Pops?" Thatch gave a friendly smile to Luffy as she looked up at him. The seven year old was so cute sometimes, it wasn't even funny.

"Well, Luffy-imouto, Pops isn't feeling too good today. So he's in bed resting. Now don't go bothering him alright?" Luffy nodded in understanding, though she felt quite bad for the man she considered to be a father. She decided to put on a mischievous face, for at least a bit, and proceeded to o one of her favorite past times, annoying Thatch.

"Okay mommy!" and she took off laughing, leaving a fuming and flustered Thatch behind her yelling out,

"I am not a mommy!" he sighed as he turned around, knowing full well that it was a lost cause with that child, and decided to go find Ace and Sabo. Theydidn't call him mommy!

In the Kitchen-

Luffy walked into the kitchens, and to her relief, Hikaru, one of the kitchen helpers, was present. Hikaru was always willing to give advice, no matterhow crappy it was sometimes.

"Hey Lu! whatcha' doin' here?" the woman said in a cheerful tone. Luffy smiled as she walked up to one of the chairs, and with a little difficulty, climbed up and sat down.

"Um...Well you know how Pops is sick?" she asked, and after recieving a nod, she continued, "Well, I was wondering what you do when you want a sick person to get better really quickly." Hikaru smiled gently as she thought of what to tell Luffy. She'd have to be careful, as Luffy had a tendency to cause unintended chaos when trying to help.

"Well, when a person is sick, you can give them soup. That helps, it's even better if it's made with a lot of love and care. Why?" Luffy just nodded slowly before looking up. She then did an abrupt turn toward the halls and spoke out,

"There's a rat in the halls, I think it's got some cheese." she grinned mischievously as Hikaru took off into the halls. When she was absolutely sure that the woman was out of hearing range she spoke up, "Well, that ought to keep her busy for a good while. So making soup with lots of love and care is what will help Pops get better huh? Let's get started!" she climbed out of the seat and began collecting ingredients to try and make soup, though she had no idea how.

On deck-

Marco, Sabo, Thatch, and Ace were all sitting across from each other playing a card game, everything was remotely peaceful, except for the occasional loud sneeze from Whitebeard, who was bed ridden with a cold, much to the amusement and shock of the whole crew. But then again, the nurses wouldn't let him get out of bed, saying that if he did, it would just get worse. So in bed, the great pirate captain stayed. The thing that was currently bugging them was the fact that none of them, and actually noone had, seen hide nor hair of Luffy on the ship. Marco was beginning to think she had gotten lost again, when Hikaru came rushing out of the halls with a broom in hand, loking quite crazed as she scanned the deck. Thatch was the lucky fellow who asked,

"What are you doing Hikaru? and what's with the broom?" The disgruntled woman looked around a bit more before facing the group and answering,

"Luffy said she saw a rat! I'm hunting for it!" The four boys looked a teach other in suspicion before turning back to the kitchen helper.

"Um... Miss Hikaru...I think you jsut got played by Luffy." Sabo said, blanching completely. The woman was about to speak, whent he whole ship shook violently, and it wasn't from another one of Whitebeard's sneezes. A huge explosion resounded from the kitchen area of the ship, resulting in the group of five running down to the kitchens.

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