Chapter 5: Learning to not mess with Boshi...

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On the Moby Dick-

Everything was uncharacteristically quiet on the Moby Dick, something that Marco couldn't decided was a good thing or bad thing. Shanks visited on occasion now , as he had taken a sort of friendly liking to Luffy along with the rest of his crew, though the end result of his visits was also a loud party that wound up waking the kids at night. Marco had to knock Thatch up the head more then once to keep him from doing anything stupid in front of the kids that would be difficult to explain later. He turned as he saw some of the commanders walking about talking to each other. Everyone else was either still asleep or just doing whatever. Marco almost dozed off when the ship shook slightly. He sighed as he stood up with a huff and went to the figure head of the ship. Down below in the ocean, there was a pirate ship. The flag didn't look familiar.

He heard the door open, and took the time to look behind him, only to see a sleepy looking Luffy and and Irritated Sabo and Ace. 'Great...They woke up Luffy.' Said girl had been napping, while her brothers were doing lord knew what, now she was up, and most likely cranky as she didn't like being woken up often. She made special exceptions for her two brothers, himself, and Whitebeard though, and tried not to snap at them too badly. Luffy yawned as she walked up to Marco and, as it seemed to have become a habit of sorts, grabbed hold of his hand as she looked to see who was stupid enough to accidently, or purposely, ram into the Moby Dick.

Whitebeard appeared behind the two as followed by Ace and Sabo, and seemed to be feeling quite amused at that moment. Suddenly a metal grappeling hook flew onto the figure head, missing Luffy by about a good inch or so, much to the four's displeasure. Luffy took the close call as a sign to back up a bit, only to have to hide behind Marco as four more grappeling hooks flew over the sides of the ship. All of the Whitebeard crew was now on deck, preping for battle, though they weren't sure if they were needed.

Luffy came out from behind and walked up to the edge of the ship, and looked over the side, only to come face to face with an enemy pirate. Luffy not feeling up to the currently daunting task of immediately backing up and hiding behind one of the others, decided that he was a bit too close to her, and promptly removed teh grappleing hook from the ship. The pirate went plummeting down to the ocean as an uncharacteristically non-chalant Luffy did an about-face and went back tot he others' sides. Marco couldn't help but chuckle as the remaining pirates came on board.

They all glared menacingly at the whole crew, Whitebeard close to laughing, that is until they all heard Luffy yell out in surprise.

"LET ME GO!" They turned around abruptly to see a thrashing Luffy being held hostage by one of teh invading pirates. Her straw hat had fallen onto the floor, and one of them had digned to pick it up. This immediately got a bad reaction from the already enraged seven year old.

"DON"T TOUCH BOSHI! GIVE IT BACK!" The pirate just chuckled as he brought out a dagger. He pierced teh hat, only for Luffy to go completely silent. The temperature dropped suddenly, as a low growling emanated from the little girl. Everybody began to tremble in fear slightly, when Ace and Sabo muttered out in fear at the same time,

"Uh oh..." the next thing everybody knew, all hell broke loose. Luffy screamed,

"HOW DARE YOU HARM BOSHI!" The invading pirates, were then fried five years into the next the next century. There was a small explosion as the invading pirates were sent flying away. Luffy looked at the hat sulkly as she picked it up,

"Um...Marco...Can you fix Boshi?" Said man just nodded his head as a new fear processed itself throughout the whole crew. After that day, the Whitebeard crew would face many terrifying things, but nothing would ever beat an enraged Luffy, after you harmed Boshi. From then on, there was one rule throughout the crew: DO NOT MESS WITH BOSHI!

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