Chapter 4: Finding Luffy in Unexpected Places!

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The Grand Line: Moby Dick-

It had been a month since the incident at Dawn Island, and everything had been going pretty good. Luffy could finally control her electric powers, and she could now hold her transformations for up to three hours, without risk of collapsing, six if you wanted to push it. Ace now had full control of his flame-based powers, now all they needed to do was teach him how to fight with them, as he insisted on learning how to fight using his abilities. Sabo was still working on his teleportation abilities, but had finally gotten enough control to not warp himself over the ocean or on top of Marco and/or Whitebeard. In otherwords, everything was fine, and Marco could relax knowing the three brats were okay, or so he thought.

Suddenly Ace came up to him, causing the phoenix to open one eye to look at him. Ace looked like he'd run across the whole entire ship, inside and out,

"What's the matter Ace?" He was sitting up in curiosity, there wasn't a whole lot you could do to get the kid to run aobut like he had.

"Have...You...Seen...Luffy?" he asked panting between words. This caused Marco's eyes to widen,

"No, I haven't. Why, what's the matter?" he asked. He had a bad feeling boiling up inside, and it only got worse when Ace answered him,

"Luffy's missing! Sabo and I can't find her anywhere!" he said, voice on the panicked side. Marco immediately got up and ran to Whitebeard. The man was sitting on his thrown when Marco reached him.

"Woah there Marco! First Sabo and Ace are running aobut and now you, where's the fire?" he asked as a sort of joke. Marco shook his head a bit before answering,

"The fire's not on this ship! Luffy's missing!" Whitebeard went silent. The next thing everyone knew, the whole ship was shaking, followed by a short question from Whitebeard himself,

"WHAT!" The remaining commanders were on deck in less then five seconds, which was record timing considering how long it usually took them to get there. Thatch spoke up first,

"Pops what's the matter? You got the whole ship shaking!" he asked in a panicked voice. An angry Whitebeard was never a good one. Whitebeard beat his staff on to the deck.

"We're missing a member of our family! Luffy's missing! I want her found and I want her found now!" this end result of this declaration was several people running about while exclaiming shouts of surprise. Their little sister was missing...In the Grand Line, this was not going to be fun.

Somewhere In the Grand Line-

Luffy was currently wondering about on a very cold, very snowy mountain. She had no idea how she got there though. She had just been practicing controling her transformation and flying. She had only intended to go only a little far from the ship, but then she had gotten lost. It was freezing, and Luffing didn't like freezing. She was getting scared, what if she never saw Popsand the others again! The end result of those thoughts was a crying, scared, and cold four year old who wanted to go home.

She was getting sleepy too, she noticed. Maybe a nap wouldn't hurt her, just a little nap. But she didn't get the chance as somebody picked her up gently, and wrapped her up in a warm coat. She really couldn't help but fall asleep now.

With Whitebeard-

It had been five hours since the discovery of Luffy's absence from the ship, and there was still no sign of the girl. Marco was beginning to get really worried, and more then a little , they were all called back by Whitebeard.

When everyone was assembled, the notice that in the center of the group, standing in front of Whitebeard, was a dark skinned man with red, spiky hair. whitebeard was looking at him sternly, and almost everyone on the ship was more then a little edgy. Whitebeard barked at him in a booming voice,

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