Chapter 3: A Very Angry Garp's Very Big Mouth!

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The Moby Dick-

Luffy and Ace were currently standing in front of Marco. It had been a couple of weeks since it had been established that they were now part of the Whitebeard family, and after making sure that they were perfectly comfortable, and that Dadan, their former caretaker, was ok with them living on the ship from now on, Marco and the others had proceeded to start the three children's training. He had managed to reduce the amount of times a week Ace accidently set fire to the ship, which was actually pretty painful, and had gotten Luffy to the point where she could hold her transformation for at least an hour. They were stillw orking with Sabo and his teleportation abilities, but at least had to go up the mast to get him now. Instead, Marco and Whitebeard had to worry about the boy landing on them. Personally Marco thought he was doing it on purpose. Like now for instance, the man hadn't even started yet and Sabo was already grinning mischievously at his brother and sister while sitting on Marco.

Marco would have yelled at him, but then he teleported away again, most likely near Whitebeard, judging from the startled yell and the sound of something breaking. Marco just sighed before finally starting today's little session. He had gotten Luffy's transformation out of the way for now, what he needed to work at with her was her control over electricity, as she had already shocked fifteen crewmembers, and she hadn't even been awake for half of it. Marco pointed to the targets he had set up and placed the four year old a good three feet from the target. He told her to try to concentrate on hitting just the target, and when he made sure she understood, he proceeded to get Ace started on his training.

In hind sight, he probably should have been keeping on the little sparkplug because not five minutes later, he found himself being turned into fried phoenix. It idn't help when Ace started laughing at him, and in a bout of non-concentration, added to the problem. And then to make matters worse, Sabo landed on top of him after another teleportation mishap, yet again. Marco really couldn't be mad at them, as they were still learning to control their powers, that didn't mean that he wasn't a bit on the fed up side as this was happening quite a bit, and Whitebeard didn't think the others could properly train a fire-user and a Mythical Zoan as well as he could. So he sat, or rather laid there, and waited until an apologetic Sabo got up and left via teleportation, this time the sounds of spilt alcohol were not heard. Luffy, being the ever sweet little girl that she was, quickly left and got the first aid kit. Really the man didn't need it thanks to his regenerative abilities, but still, it was nice that the girl cared enough to actually try and find it. He just knew she was gonna get lost again.

Ace watched as Marco stood up, looking at least somewhat apologetic, which was about as good as it would get for him. Marco gave him a slight smirk, patting him on the head, before going off in hopes of finding his sister before she got lost, which knowing his luck currently, would be impossible. But hey, the guy can hope can't he. To his utter shock though, he wound up running directly into both Sabo and Luffy. They looked panicked, and more then just a little scared. He remembered something that Dadan had told him last week concerning the kids.


Marco was sitting across from Dadan, having a small drink before he went back to the Moby Dick, knowing that the others could only do so much befor the kids drove them up the wall in insanity. Just as he was about to get up and say farewell, Dadan, in one of her rare moments of caring, gave him one warning.

"Those kids like you, that whole crew of pirates, which is a rare thing in itself. So I'm gonna tell you this once. Beware of their grandfather, he's a nasty man that's obsessed with making them all marines. Though I'm not sure what he was gonna do with Luffy. Probably the same with the others. The only person that they truly fear, and they don't even fear Whitebeard." She placed her cup down, and gave him one very hard stare. Marco didn't even flinch, he just gave a nod, waved good-bye and left, wishing the mountain bandits a nice day, and that he would visit some time later on.

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