Chapter 2: Finding out About Devil Fruits!

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On the Moby Dick-

Whitebeard, Marco, and the other commanders were gathered around the newest additions to their family, their much younger siblings Ace, Sabo, and Luffy. Just a while ago, the children had woken up, causing a very comical scene to insue. Much to the shock of the older members, and the literal shocking of Ace and Sabo.

It started when Luffy suddenly woke up. So suddenly, in fact, that when she got up, she accidently fried her both Sabo and Ace. This cause Ace, in some strange bout where he lost control, to set fire to his bed, and by extension the bedroom. Sabo, out of fear and panick for the fire (appearently this wasn't the first time this happened), somehow managed to teleport himself to the top of the mast, and got stuck there until Thatch found out and went to go get him down. The end result was two fried boys, and a near cooked Luffy. That was five minutes ago.

Now the three children were fidgiting uncomfortably under the gaze of their new father figure. The children had no qualms with openly challenging Whitebeard, but when it came to things like this, they obviously wanted to just crawl under a rug and hide. Or in a barrel in Luffy's case, as she eyes oen in the far corner warily. Whitebeard sighed as someone told him that the damage had been fixed, and was secretly glad that the Moby Dick hadn't been burned to a crisp. He turned his gaze back tot eh children, who had at some point tried to make a quick get away. Luffy was the only one who succeeded, as she had appearently gone threw Marco's legs, and disappeared into the kitchen, hopefully she wouldn't eat all the food. Marco had gone after her along with Vista, hoping to flush out, so to speak, the slippery little girl. It ended quickly though as she appearently had a change of heart, and proceeded to glomp onto Marco's waist.

Marco carried the clingy four year old back to the others, and placed her down before giving her a pat on the head for reassurence. They all now stood, still shuffling slightly, but didn't seem inclined to running away again. Whitebeard finally asked them,

"Okay, I think I got a pretty good idea, but I need confirmation. Now tell me you three, did you all eat any strange fruits before we came here?" he had to ask if it was before, because for all he knew, they could have recently got their powers, especially with the lack of control they all exhibited. They all nodded their answer. Marco sighed as he realized that the children didn't know what they had eaten, and most likely thought they were freaks thanks to it, and it didn't help how everybody talked about them being Devil Children, it made them sound like monsters. They needed to at least know they weren't going to be ostrasized for it on this ship, and that they weren't alone. Marco decided to speak up,

"The strange fruits you ate tasted bad right?" he asked, he got nods from the children, so he continued, "Those were Devil Fruits that you all ate. Though I'm not sure which ones." he told them. They began to shuffle a bit more, but then to their own shock, Marco came up to them and gave them a gentle pat on the head.

"You remember when I saved Sabo right?" he asked them. He got careful nods from the children. He poked them all on the heads to get them to look up, as appearently their feet were far more interesting then him and the others. Marco saw that they were all close to crying in fear of not being accepted again for their abilities, but all Marco did was give them gentle smiles. He looked back at Whitebeard, who gave a nod of agreement. He faced the children again, and held his hand out in front of them, and to their utter shock and amazement, allowed his hand to catch fire in a beautiful blue blaze. Luffysmiled softly, thinking that the flames were really pretty, and carefully reached out to touch them along with Ace. He stopped Luffy because she might accidently burn herself on them, letting Ace since he was made of fire, and it wouldn't hurt him. Sabo knew to not touch the flames though he really wanted to.

"You aren't alone, I ate one too, and so have others on this ship. Including Pops. You don't have to worry about being rejected here. No matter what, we're you're family, and the Moby Dick, this ship, is you're home as long as you want it to be. Understand?" he said looking at them. They all gave reassured smiles, before promptly tackling an unsuspecting Marco to the ground. All the guy could do was laugh at the childrens renewed energy. He finally got them off of him so he could at least sit up straight, only to have Luffy plomp herself down into his lap, appearently content to just sit there, and giving no signs of moving for the rest the meeting. Marco could only huff playfully as Ace sat next to him, and Sabo on the other side. It was clear to everyone that the man had become one of their favorites of the Whitebeard crew.

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