Chapter 1 : Making Peace on Rocky Waters!

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"Yeah, yeah okay. Luffy-" she beamed at him in approval, "-Why is it that your brothers keep causing so much trouble for us? I know that they're not too fond of us, but seriously, if they keep it up, there's gonna be a problem." he asked her inqeuisitively. Luffy looked at him in shock, before shaking her head in disagreement.

"No, no, no!" she replied, confusing Marco. He wondered what she meant, but quickly resolved that feeling as she explained it to him,

"It's not that we're not fond of you, in fact, we're really glad you're here! The thing is, we wanted to test ya!" she said, hoping down from the crater and grabbing his hand. "We wanted to see what you guys were like, it was Ace's idea!"she would have continued if Ace himself, hadn't come up and grabbed his sister's wrist, before tugging her away from the first division commander. Ace looked back at the man, giving him a nod of what seemed like slight approval, before leaving down a dark alleyway, Luffy herself, not far behind. The girl paused to wave good-bye to the man, before continueing after her brother. Marco had to sigh at this new bought of information. So they were just testing them, huh? It already seemed like he had already won some of their approval, but he'd need to get them to approve of the whole crew to get them to stop causing trouble most likely. He had a lot of work ahead of him.

Later that week-

Luffy was busy playing at the cliffs, bored out of her mind though. It was been awhile since they had pranked the Whitebeard Crew, as Ace had decided to give them all a break after she told them what Marco had said to her. This had left some the town and crew unsettled, as the three kids hadn't even shown up in town, save Luffy who went to do some minor shopping, and she never stayed long, getting what she needed and left immediately afterwards. At least it was quiet, though some of them were missing the children's mischievous prescence slightly.

Luffy was playing tightrope walker, a game Dadan used to have her play so that she'd stop tripping all over herself. She had been quite clumsy in the past, and as a result, often dropped things. This had gotten on her caretakers last nerve, so the game was invented to fix that a bit. It worked. Now she did it for fun, instead of correcting clumsiness.

She was teetering a bit too close to the edge of the cliff, and by extension, a very deadly drop, and it didn't help when Ace and Sabo came in suddenly, scaring the girl and causing her to jump over the edge by accident. The two borthers panicked as they rushed to the edge of the cliff and looked down. Their sister was clinging precariously to the side of the cliff, it was obvious that she couldn't hold on for long. And if she fell, she could die, as that was a very big drop intot he ocean for a four year old. Sabo attempted to figure out a solution, which he did quite quickly, and immediately began instructing Ace on what to do.

"Ace! You stay here and make sure Luffy doesn't panick any, got it?" he demanded as he made his way to leave. Ace looked back at his older brother and asked,

"yeah, but what are you gonna do?" he looked extremely worried, Sabo gave a grimace before speaking,

"Getting help. There's no way we'll be able to get to her, we need somebody to help!" Ace nodded in understanding. If Sabo idn't hurrry, they could lose their little sister forever. Sabo took off at a sprint, only speeding up as Luffy called out, her voice overflowing with fear,

"ACE! SABO! HELP ME!" she sounded close to tears, and Luffy rarely cried, or was scared.

On the Moby Dick-

Marco was relaxing on the deck of the ship, when he saw a rather frantic looking Sabo running through town, most likely looking for was about to go see what the problem was, when he haulted, feeling Pops prescence behind him. He looked back at that man shortly, before continueing his small descent to the docks. Whitebeard followed shortly after him. Marco ran up to the panickiing boy woh immediately looked at least somewhat relieved at the sight of him, even more so when he spotted Whitebeard.

"What's the matter with you? You look like something bad happ-" he didn't get to finish as Sabo grabbed hold of his arm and began tugging violently to get him to come with him.

"It's Luffy! She was playing near the cliffs and fell, she needs help!" he said in a panicked voice, as he continued to tug. Marco's and Whitebeard's eyes widened at this, and quickly took off, Marco grabbing hold of Sabo as they headed in the direction of the cliffs. Hopefully they would make it in time.

Back at the Cliffs-

Luffy was still hanging on to the edge of the cliffside, but barely, as her hands were beginning to slip. She heard Ace's excited voice from above as it seemed Sabo had returned with help. Luffy sighed in relief as she spotted Marco and Whitebeard looking down at her from above. She tried to pull herself farther up, only for the rocks to break. Luffy's eyes widened as everything seemed to go in slow-motion. She thoguht she was about to die, and closed her eyes, preparring for what imght be a very paiinful landing. but she never hit water or ground, as Marco had caught the girl. Her eyes opened in shock as Marco's voice rang out,

"You okay?" he asked as he flew back up, landing near the tree line, and placed Luffy on the ground carefully. The girl was slightly shaking still, out of fear, but was otherwise unharmed. She suddenly glomped onto Marco, much to the shock of both himself and his captain. Luffy was crying, actually sobbing hysterically, into the man's shirt. Marco gently patted the girl's head, trying to reassure her that she was safe, and that everything was fine. Ace and Sabo came up as well, relieved that their little sister was safe, and extremely grateful to Marco for saving her. The two borthers looked back at Whitebeard, content to leaving the calming of the girl to the Phoenix, while they resolved to confront Whitebeard.

"Mmm...Thanks...for helping to save Luffy..." Ace said, obviously not used to having to thank others for helping, as usually he never needed any help from anyone other then his brother and sister. Whitebeard knelt down in front of the two brothers, not at all minding the position, as he knew that children liked it when an adult decided to talk to them at their level, rather then forcing the children to look up to them. Sabo spoke up, deciding that Ace had done enough, as it took a lot of effort for Ace to swallow his pride, and thank someone, let alone apologize. Since Whitebeard seemed to know this as well, Sabo went right on ahead,

"And sorry for all the trouble we caused you and your crew." he said, a lot less hesitant then Ace. Whitebeard gave a fatherly smile to thetwo, before gently patting them on tehir heads, a sign that they were indeed forgiven, and that there was no hard feelings between them. In truth, all three children, though Luffy was still crying slightly, felt as if they had finally found that family they had all been missing, the father figue that they had all wanted. Luffy finally calmed down, with a little help from Marco, and was now sniffling occasionally. She walked up to Whitebeard slowly, Marco not far behind her. She hadn't let go of the man, as she was currently holding his hand, and seemed to not want to let go yet. She stopped infront of Whitebeard, and after some inner-debating, she released ehr grip on Marco, and immediately proceeded to glomp onto Whitebeard's leg. This was to the the shock of her brothers, and amusement to the two pirates, as Luffy rarely did this to people, only ones she truly and unquestioningly trusted.

Whitebeard gently patted the girl on her head, before carefully lifting her up, and placing her on his shoulder, as the man was big enough, that the girl just looked like a tiny doll in comparison. Luffy rubbed any remaining tears out of her eyes, before yawning slightly, tired from the days excitement. Whitebeard decided to scold the girl a bit before letting her sleep, telling her to not play near the cliffs again without adult supervision. The girl nodded, before finally dozing off, followed shortly after by Ace and Sabo, who were both exhausted. The last thing they heard from the three before they all fell asleep, caused the two pirates smile,

"Okay...Pops..." the children had finally accepted them, an now in a way, they were part of the family now. Marco laughed slightly as he realized that he now had two little brothers, and one little sister, and proceeded to head back to town, Ace and Sabo in his arms as he carried them. Marco couldn't help but think as he took the time to watch the sleeping children as they walked, 'Our family just got bigger, and definitely more troublesome.' he had to chuckle at these thoughs.

He couldn't help but notice though, that during their sleep, the children's bodies began to exhibit weird traits. Small fires ran across Ace's skin, though he didn't seem bothered by it, Sabo's body seemed to vanish slighlty, before reappearing, and Luffy was sparking with extremely small amounts of electricity. Marco's eyes narrowed in suspicion as he looked at Whitebeard, who had also noticed. His face, was dead serious now. They would have to question the children on this later, when they were awake.

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