Chapter 1 : Making Peace on Rocky Waters!

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Luffy ate a devil fruit that allows her to change into a Storm Bird, a type of Mythical Bird that is unique to legends from Skypeia. Despite it's name, Luffy cannot control the weather or summon storms, as she is actually only able to control the direction of the winds and electricity to some extent. She is as fast as Kizaru in her transformed state, but with her being four years old currently, she cannot perform this level of speed yet. The reason Storm Birds were called what they were called was because in ancient times, they could only be seen during times of fierce storms, flying through high level hurricanes as if it were a clear sunny day. They are currently extinct, with the only one in existence being Luffy, who ate the Devil Fruit that turns you into one. These are NOT all powerful creatures, they are just really, really fast.

The one weakness this Devil Fruit has is Sea Prism Stone, as since the oceans are affected by storms, Luffy is not affected when submerged, and can still swim.

Makino's Tavern-

Whitebeard and his 13 commanders were currently partying, having had not an ounce of trouble from anyone during their stay on the island. In fact, they were regarded as heros among all of the inhabitants-


Except for the three troublemaking siblings, of course. They were sweet kids, perfectly fine, considering the fact that just one of them could bring down one a fully grown man three times their size all on their own. And that was just the four year old little sister. According to Makino, the kids names, from oldest to youngest, were Sabo, Ace, and Luffia, though she preferred it if you called her Luffy. Appearantly there was a rumor that had been going about. Supposedly all three of them had eaten a Devil Fruit, and so as a result, the trio were known as the Devil Siblings, though the name fit regardless of whether or not they had Devil Fruit powers. For instance, right now.

At some point during the party, Ace had snuck in and smashed a bottle of alcohol on top of Thatch's head. Of course the boy quickly got away to avoid suspicion from the others. Despite being seen by Marco, Jozu, and Whitebeard himself, all chaos reigned supreme as a bar fight started up, when Thatch, in his drunkenness, hit the nearest person to him, blaming him for it. The trio of siblings sat off to the side, in rapt amusement, as the majority of the Whitebeard Pirates began beating each other to a pulp. Their entertainment ended though, when Whitebeard finally intervened, deciding that despite how funny it was that just one little brat could get all of them fighting each other, it was a bad idea to let them wreck Makino's bar.

They all finally settled own, and when Whitebeard turned to the children, they were long gone. The old pirate captain heaved a sigh as once again, the children had proven quite clearly, that they did not welcome the Whitebeard Pirates. He began to wonder about what he should do to get the kids to stop causing so much trouble. Marco seeing his captain's little dilema, decided to make the man's job easier, and left in search of the Troublesome Trio, which was a nickname that the whole crew had come up with one day after another one of their little incidents, and see if he could get them to at least stop causing so much havoc around town and with the crew.

He didn't have to search long, as it appeared that Luffy had either stayed or been left behind, most likely by accident if the latter was the case. The four year old was napping on a crate, curled in what had to be the tightest ball he had ever seen. He gave a gentle smile as he bent down to wake up the little girl. She stirred slightly, before finally opening her eyes, grinning when she saw Marco, who according to Ace, seemed to have aa similar Devil Fruit ability to hers. She immediately sat up, completely attentive as she gave the man a cheerful grin. Marco returned it with a friendly one, and decided that if he wanted answers, he should probably ask her.

"Hey there, you're Luffia, ri-" he didn't get to finish as an irritated Luffy hit him on the head, before correcting him vehemently,

"It's Luffy, Lou-ffie! Call me Luffy, not Luffia!" she said determinedly. Marco laughed a little as he rubbed the top of his head, nodding in understanding as he spoke up again,

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